Latest and Greatest from Colgate Mattress- the Nuzzle Snuze!

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Calling all parents! The newest environmental, technologically advanced crib mattress line is sweeping the nation. Brought to you by Colgate, the Nuzzle Snuze is the newest crib mattress with fresh, attractive designs and a component unlike any other. The Nuzzle Snuze line contains AirNest, a mattress material that’s unlike any ever seen in the United States before. Made of recyclable and recycled materials, AirNest allows humidity and air to flow freely through the crib mattress just like nature intended. Not too hot and not too cold, AirNest provides the ideal micro-climate for a baby and toddler.

People always say ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’, but in this case you can. Not only is the inside of the Nuzzle Snuze innovative and unique, the outside is equally as perfect. The line is available in three exclusive designs and beautiful modern colors that will charm any new parent. With patterns like Dottie Lottie, Squiggles and Chic-a-Dee, Nuzzle Snuze is ideal for attracting in-store attention as well as making an appealing baby shower gift. With unique mattress designs that look great, the Nuzzle Snuze can add style to any showroom or nursery without the need for expensive bedding.

The Nuzzle Snuze has paired recycled content with a nature inspired spun matrix of recyclable fibers, so expecting parents can rest easy knowing that they are helping to protect the planet and keep their baby safe by using the Nuzzle Snuze. The innovative AirNest is naturally fire-retardant so it doesn’t require any synthetic protection.

Colgate Mattress is known for our personal integrity and our exceptional quality mattresses. Unmatched quality, innovative products, and beautiful design put Colgate Mattress and the Nuzzle Nest above all the rest!