Our Family

We know what you’re thinking: “I didn’t know the toothpaste people also make crib mattresses!” While we are big fans of good oral hygiene, Colgate Mattress has no affiliation with the toothpaste company.

The concept for Colgate Mattress was hatched in New York City on Colgate Avenue, which is where our name comes from. Colgate is the oldest crib mattress manufacturer in the U.S. with over half a century of business under its belt. The company started on March 5, 1955 in a small, 4,000 square foot building on Ponce De Leon Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. Sol Wolkin, a US Army Air Force veteran, started Colgate Mattress Atlanta Corporation with the help and support of his partner and wife, Anne.

The business has grown steadily since its inception, expanding in 1969 and again in 1987 on Ponce de Leon, to allow for increased production. In 1993, with no more buildings available nearby, Colgate moved into its present 60,000 square foot building located in historic Cabbagetown. Today, around thirty-five Georgians work for and are part of the Colgate family. Most of these employees have been with the company for more than a decade, some for more than thirty years. Unlike so many U.S. manufacturing companies that have moved their production out of the country, Colgate has been manufacturing crib mattresses in Atlanta, Georgia for over 55 years.

We are proud of our American craftsmanship and ingenuity. You simply will not find higher quality crib mattresses on the market today. Please visit “Our Family Tree” to learn more about the Wolkin family.

“Anne and I never imagined our company becoming what it is today. We worked hard to make it grow into a fourth generation company. Hopefully, it will continue to grow.” -Sol Wolkin