Colgate Mattress on the Better Show!

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Recently, Colgate Mattress was featured on the Better Show in New York City. We were joined by Child Safety Expert, Sandra Gordon, author of Consumer Reports: Best Baby Products. Discussing how to furnish a baby nursery on a budget, Gordon gave expert tips about swaddlers, changing pads, artwork, and bedding. 

The one thing to splurge on in your nursery? Your crib mattress. 

According to Gordon, “It’s a really overlooked item, and people tend to buy the least expensive option out there. But, you really want to buy a high-quality mattress because your baby will spend up to 18 hours sleeping on it.”

She goes on to mention Colgate’s EverTrue Diamond: our revolutionary dual-firmness mattress that focuses on the baby’s microclimate inside the crib. With the EverTrue Diamomd, your baby’s temperature will be stable, and they’ll have a restful, safe sleep on our extra firm foam. 

Watch Colgate’s television debut here. Part 2 of the segment can be watched here


Colgate Mattress was recently featured on Business RadioX!

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Last week, Alan and Dennis had the chance to sit down with Business RadioX and share the Colgate Mattress story, and why we’re so passionate about making the best crib mattresses on the market. Take a listen for yourself on their radio website and let us know what you think!

(picture credit from Business RadioX.)

Latest and Greatest from Colgate Mattress- the Nuzzle Snuze!

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Calling all parents! The newest environmental, technologically advanced crib mattress line is sweeping the nation. Brought to you by Colgate, the Nuzzle Snuze is the newest crib mattress with fresh, attractive designs and a component unlike any other. The Nuzzle Snuze line contains AirNest, a mattress material that’s unlike any ever seen in the United States before. Made of recyclable and recycled materials, AirNest allows humidity and air to flow freely through the crib mattress just like nature intended. Not too hot and not too cold, AirNest provides the ideal micro-climate for a baby and toddler.

People always say ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’, but in this case you can. Not only is the inside of the Nuzzle Snuze innovative and unique, the outside is equally as perfect. The line is available in three exclusive designs and beautiful modern colors that will charm any new parent. With patterns like Dottie Lottie, Squiggles and Chic-a-Dee, Nuzzle Snuze is ideal for attracting in-store attention as well as making an appealing baby shower gift. With unique mattress designs that look great, the Nuzzle Snuze can add style to any showroom or nursery without the need for expensive bedding.

The Nuzzle Snuze has paired recycled content with a nature inspired spun matrix of recyclable fibers, so expecting parents can rest easy knowing that they are helping to protect the planet and keep their baby safe by using the Nuzzle Snuze. The innovative AirNest is naturally fire-retardant so it doesn’t require any synthetic protection.

Colgate Mattress is known for our personal integrity and our exceptional quality mattresses. Unmatched quality, innovative products, and beautiful design put Colgate Mattress and the Nuzzle Nest above all the rest!



Back to Sleep (and Nine More Tips to Help Your Family Rest Easier)

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Doctors agree that there are no surefire ways to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, or “SIDS.” There are ways, however, to reduce your baby’s risk against the leading cause of death among infants between one month and 1 year old.

  • Place a sleeping baby on his back. Your baby’s risk of SIDS is higher any time he sleeps on his side or stomach before age 1, so make sure that he is on his back for naps, at night or any time he is sleeping. Also, don’t assume that sitters, family members or anybody else will place your baby in the correct position for sleep – you must insist on it.
  • Breast-feed. Though expects are not sure why, breastfeeding your baby can lower the risk of SIDS by as much as 50 percent. This effect is strongest if your baby breast-feeds exclusively for the first six months.
  • Choose firm. Always place your baby down to sleep on a firm, safety-approved mattress. Do not let your baby sleep on chairs, couches, cushions or soft beds. Also, do not put blankets, quilts, pillows, stuffed toys or crib bumpers in your baby’s crib. All your baby crib needs is a fitted sheet.
  • Immunize your baby. Babies who’ve been immunized in accordance with doctor recommendations have up to a 50 percent reduced risk of SIDS as compared with babies who aren’t fully immunized with regular check-ups.
  • Sleep close to your baby, but not in the same bed. Studies show that the risk of SIDS is lower when a baby sleeps in the same room as her mom. However, never allow for your baby to sleep with another child or an adult in the same bed.
  • Avoid Smoke. Babies born to women who smoked during pregnancy are three times more likely to die from SIDS than babies born to nonsmokers. Second-hand smoke also greatly increases the risk of SIDS, so don’t allow others to smoke around your newborn.
  • Keep your baby at a comfortable temperature.  If you use a blanket, make it lightweight. “Onesie” pajamas that cover hands and feet should keep your baby sufficiently warm at night.
  • Use a pacifier. Using a clean pacifier at naptime or bedtime may reduce the risk of SIDS. Wait until your baby is 1 month old to offer a pacifier once you’ve established a comfortable nursing routine. If the pacifier falls out of your baby’s mouth while he or she is sleeping, do not put it back in.
  • Avoid products that claim to reduce the risk of SIDS. Even if a product, such as a cardiac monitor or electronic respirator, says it can reduce your baby’s risk of SIDS, most of these aren’t proven safe or effective, so it’s best to avoid them altogether.
  • Don’t give your baby honey. In very young children, honey can lead to botulism, and the bacteria associated with it may be linked to SIDS.

Remember, your baby’s health care provider is available should you have any questions about SIDS, and keeping your baby happy and safe. No parent can protect a baby from SIDS, but following doctors’ best practices, your whole family may rest easier. 

Prepping Your Little Ones For Hot Summer Months

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Who doesn’t love summertime? The next few months present you and your babies with an endless amount of new, refreshing activities. Whether it is a trip to the beach or a day at the park, it is important to review necessary safety precautions to ensure your little ones have a fun (and safe!) summer.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Because babies have rather thin skin, they are much more susceptible to sunburn. Enjoy short periods of time in the sun while using at least a 30 SPF. Baby sunglasses, parasols, and hats are also available for extra protection!

Inspects, spiders, and other crawlers. Try and keep away from these critters favorite hang out spots: clover, flowers, standing water, and brushy areas. Take extra precaution and consider covering strollers or carriers with insect netting.

Water safety. Simply never leave your child out of sight or arms’ reach when near water! If you are spending the day on the lake or at the beach, make sure to take certified flotation devices and keep infants who cannot lift their head to a 90 degree out of the water all together. 

Bring your babes while running errands. During summer months, temperatures of parked vehicles can double in a matter of 15 minutes. With that said, never leave your children alone in a vehicle- even if the windows are open! 

As always, Colgate is here to ensure baby safety in all aspects- not just when it comes to sleep! Don’t hesitate to contact your child’s pediatrician if you have any other safety concerns or questions as we enter the summer months and as always, if you have questions about crib mattress safety, we are here to help!

Don’t forget! Sign up to win the Healthy Start Nursery brought to you by Colgate Mattress, Olli & Lime, and FLOR INC.! One winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, June 24th to receive the Eco Classica III Mattress from Colgate Mattress, the George Fitted Crib Sheet and George Changing Pad Cover from Olli & Lime and 20 carpet design squares (to make a 80”X100” rug) from FLOR.

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Baby and Children’s Product Award Winner! 8th Year in a Row!

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Colgate is proud to announce that, for the 8th year in a row, every year this award has been offered, Colgate has been awarded the 2012 Reader’s Favorite Award – 1st Place, Mattresses by Baby & Children’s Product News magazine.  This awards program began in 2005 and awards certificates are presented for first, second, and third place based upon returns of ballots sent to and returned by juvenile store retailers in the United States.  Congratulations and thanks for this award go to all retailers in the juvenile industry, all Colgate factory and office employees, all Colgate independent sales representatives, and to Baby & Children’s Product News.  Colgate will not rest on our laurels.  We will continue to try and improve our products, our customer service, and our responses to the needs of our retail friends and to the consumers wanting the best quality and value sleep surface for their baby.

Mommy Katie’s preparing for baby guide

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Mommy Katie has a nice review up of our crib mattress pad on her preparing for baby guide: With my son, I learned that diapers do not always last as long as you might intend them to. I hated getting him from his crib to find that he soaked through his diaper and got his sheets and bedding completely wet, not to mention that he would be soaking wet too. My daughter was not the same, it was rare that she would leak out of her diapers, so when my son became notorious for leaky messes I learned that having a pad cover on the mattress was essential. That being said, this time around I will be prepared. Recently I was sent the perfect mattress pad that is exactly what we will be needing for the new baby! I was sent a Organic Cotton EcoCover Crib Mattress Cover from Colgate Kids! I love that this is a organic mattress cover which is great for using for a new baby. For the full review, please click here: She is also having a giveaway of the mattress pad.

Crib notes: What you need to know before buying a mattress

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The juvenile industry calls us “the crib mattress specialist” for a number of reasons including the fact that Colgate is one of the only manufacturers that specializes in making only crib mattresses, pads, and the accessories that fit on them and not other unrelated baby products.  Another reason we are called the “Specialist” is because Colgate is often used for reference when people want to know or write about crib mattresses.  Here is a recent article from Consumer Search which deals with what to look for when buying a crib mattress:

The Martha Stewart Show

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The Martha Stewart Show on Baby Nurseries

We’ve always said that customers who have an appreciation for craftsmanship and quality can truly appreciate all that goes into our crib mattresses. So who better to prove our point than Martha Stewart who’s eye for detail and high standards have made her legendary? Here is a clip from a segment The Martha Stewart Show did about baby nurseries and some of her favorite products including one of our very own crib mattresses. We couldn’t be prouder of our products and our people so receiving press like this just makes all of our hard work that much more rewarding.