Crib Mattresses

Let’s start with two facts that often help parents gain perspective on the importance of choosing the right crib mattress for their child. First, by the age of two and a half, most children have reached half of their full adult height. Secondly, an infant will spend 70% of their time on a crib mattress. Sure, it’s fun to pick out that fancy stroller with dual cup-holders, but ask yourself this: where will your child really be spending most of his or her time? At Colgate, it’s not enough to simply produce the world’s highest quality crib mattresses. Our job is also to educate parents about creating an environment conducive to proper child development. In fact, we don’t believe the words “crib mattress” alone do our products justice; they are more like “growth and development centers” (but we realize that’s a mouthful!) We want parents to feel confident with their purchase decision, and we believe that they will feel confident with any Colgate product.
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