Custom-Sized Crib Mattresses

Colgate Classica I - Nylon Cover
Do you have a unique heirloom or custom crib? We can make a custom sized crib mattress for you! We can make any cradle, bassinet, porta crib, playpen or crib mattress. Please visit or call your local Colgate retailer for a quote on custom pads and patterns.



  • Stability for baby
  • Waterproof cover
  • Customized sized
  • Custom sizes up to 38″ to 72″


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Product Review

Dear Colgate: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! My Great Grandfather made a crib that my family passed down to me. We were not going to be able to use it, but I finally found Colgate. You guys made us a custom sized mattress, and it fit perfectly. It is a great quality mattress. My family cannot thank you enough!
Stacey L; Richmond, TX.
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