10 Essential Apps for Parents

Is there an app for that? Some may be resistant to the fact that life seems to revolve around our smartphones while others praise the Apple Gods who created a phone that can keep our calendars, store our photos, give us quick advice and help us manage the chaos of everyday life. We recently rounded up some of our favorite apps to help today’s busy parents.

Here are some of our favorite apps:

  1. Kid’s Time Out – $0.99

If you are not sure how much time is appropriate for a time out, then load this app to your phone. The timer is based upon the child’s age and parents are given a list of steps to take before, during and after the time out.

  1. Cozi – Free

Let the Cozi app help manage your family with features that keep track of appointments, schedules, activities, chores and general to do’s. Create and share grocery lists and more with anyone in the family from any mobile device or computer.

  1. White Noise – Free

Excited to arrive at your destination only to find your room is right next to a busy street? Download this FREE app to help block out any unnecessary noise during those essential naps and throughout the night. Choose from a variety of sounds. A rested family is a happy family.

  1. Canvsly – $2.99

Can’t decide which masterpiece to hang on to? Or maybe you have held onto all of them and have no more room in storage? Canvsly lets you capture, organize, and share your child’s precious artwork, so you can cherish them anytime, anywhere forever.

  1. Baby Monitor 3G – $3.99

Limit your nursery gadget purchases and use something you are already glued to – your phone! Baby Monitor 3G can turn any two phones, tablets or Macs into one single baby monitor. Hear every noise, see live video or picture and soothe your baby remotely.

  1. Sit or Squat – Free

Picture this: You’ve been potty training for weeks. You remind everyone to go to the bathroom before you head out. 30 minutes later s/he has to go and you need to stop….FAST. The SitOrSquat by Charmin mobile app allows you to search, view, and rate public restrooms, including those with changing tables and handicap accessibility.

  1. WebMD Baby – Free

Get quick access to baby health and wellness information. Search hundreds of articles and videos from trusted WebMD doctors. Create a baby book with all your child’s milestones through pictures and videos.

  1. MamaBear – Free

We encourage our kids to be independent but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to know where they are and who they are interacting with at all times. The MamaBear app alerts you when your kids arrive or leave a place you’ve set on the map. There is also an option to notify you if your teen driver is exceeding the speed limit. MamaBear can even monitor their social media communications – notifying you with alerts to risky language, signs of bullying and inappropriate content.

  1. Shutterfly for iPhone – Free

Create photo books and much-loved gifts right from your phone! Shutterfly for iPhone allows for easy upload and easy photo share. You can order prints and more directly from the app.

  1. Total Baby – $4.99

Total Baby is the most Complete Baby Logging and Tracking Application available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Total Baby offers a variety of trackers and timers including those for diaper changes, nursing, pumping, solids, sleeping and baths. You can keep a diary to track important milestones, doctor visits, growth, vaccines and allergies.

Bonus App: Show Your Disney Side – FREE

For hours and hours of joy, download this app and transform your child into dozens of Disney characters. Have your little one snap a selfie, upload it to the app and presto, you’ve launched your kids into the magical world of Disney. #DisneySide

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