10 Tips To Avoid Mom Burnout 

It doesn’t matter if your child is a newborn or you have teenagers – mom burnout is real, and it can happen to anyone. What are the signs of burnout? You are likely experiencing burnout if you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated with all of the obligations of being a mom. If you are burned out, it affects more than just you – it has an impact on your children’s wellbeing, your relationship with your partner and your household overall.


Here are a some signs to lookout for:

  • Increased headaches
  • Still feeling tired after solid sleep
  • Getting sick more often than usual
  • Losing your temper more than usual
  • Loss of motivation (even for things you love the most)


If you’re a brand new mom or just had another baby, give yourself a little time to adjust. However, a sudden change or increase in these behaviors isn’t healthy. These tips can provide life balance and help you maintain your sanity. We hope you’ll sit back and pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) while reading! 


  1. Communicate what you’re feeling

Sharing your feelings might feel harder than actually admitting you are burned out, but your family can’t read your mind and see the exhaustion building on the inside. If you really want to recover from mom burnout, you need to first express that you are overwhelmed. Talking about it can help put things into perspective for everyone.


  1. Ask for help and say no

If you notice that your list of to-dos or the amount of information floating in your head is becoming too much, it is time to ask for help or say no to some requests. Ask your partner to stop at the store after work, so that you don’t have to struggle to find time to pick up the eggs. Pass on the next school parent volunteer work – there will be other opportunities. You are one person, and you can’t do it all. 


  1. Trust your intuition  

Moms are faced with many decisions daily. Try not to stress over every single choice you have to make. Allow intuition to be your guide – and trust that it won’t let you down. Spend your energy on those choices that are most important and give less of yourself to the choices that will have less impact on your world.


  1. Step back

You don’t always have to entertain your children. Playing alone develops a strong sense of social independence in children that will help them feel comfortable in any situation. By letting your children play by themselves, you are allowing them to build up their own skills of working independently and decision making. 


  1. Schedule “you” time

Sounds wonderful, but how can you actually do it? Moms tend to push ourselves to the bottom of the list, and before we know it another day has gone by with no time for you. Prioritize yourself, and honor the commitment. Physically write some you-time into your schedule and follow through guilt-free. Read a book, watch your favorite show or take a long bath.


  1. Take a social media timeout

Comparison is the thief of joy and it is so easy to compare your life to the unrealistic expectations of what we see on social media. This is only a recipe for disaster and it can make you feel like you are never doing enough.


  1. Spend time outside

Try to spend some time outside. Whether you spend the day at home or work, try to spend a few moments connecting with nature and marvel at its simplicity and peacefulness. Take a few moments to mindfully take awareness of your surroundings. Breath the fresh air deeply and notice the breeze, sounds and beauty.


  1. Focus on what you do accomplish

Moms seem to have an inner critic who never rests. This makes you question your performance as a parent. That constant criticism isn’t good for anyone and makes you feel like you’re failing. Remind yourself that you’re doing a great job.


  1. Girl talk with your friends

Take a moment to catch up with your bestie – the one that makes your snort because you’re laughing so hard. Whether it’s a phone call, FaceTime or a night out, your lady tribe will breathe life into you and remind you how much fun you are! 


  1. Lookout for burnout signs

The continual demands of being a mom can easily lead to stress and burnout. If you don’t take breaks, get sleep and have others helping you out, it really adds up. As much as you love your children, parenting can take its toll on you. Look for the warning signs so you can get back to being a happy mom. 


Some days you’ll feel like you’re barely keeping your head above water, but you can’t win every battle. We hope these tips are good reminders that help you avoid burnout.


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