12 Classic Holiday Family Photo Ideas

The holiday season has officially started – decorations are being hung with care and presents will soon be wrapped. It’s also time to plan your annual family photo to share your joyfulness with those nearest and dearest. Taking a great holiday card photo can be challenging, but don’t stress. Here are a dozen classic and creative photo ideas that will show off your family’s spirit in style.

Squishy Baby Cheeks

Delight your entire holiday greetings list with your baby’s adorable face. All you need are two kisses and one set of squishy baby cheeks. You can even make this happen without any extra help by using your camera’s timer setting – just make sure whatever camera (or phone) you use, the image is high enough resolution for print. The generally accepted quality is 300 pixels/inch.

Share Your 2020 Highlights

Here we are with another year past, and yet we can only remember snippets of it. Ask the whole family to participate and “connect the dots” of your past year. Write down the biggest event for each of the 12 months, and then share your family timeline.

Feature Furry Family Members

For a classic holiday card that’s sure to stand out on the mantle, consider making your pet the focus of the photo! Our pets do adorable things, and adding a string of lights will make your seasons greetings magical. You can also consider dressing them up in a Santa hat or a cute sweater.

Let Your Photographer Guide You

A professional will carefully help you think about the time of day, the temperature conditions and the colors of the location for your photoshoot. Once you have a sense of what outfits might work, send them a photo of your look and get their opinion. If you’re already set on what you’re going to wear, ask your photographer to select locations that work with your pre-selected theme.

Have a Pajama Party

Does your family have a matching PJs tradition? This is a simple way to bring the whole picture together with adorable tiny pajamas for baby too! You can go with a traditional matching tops and bottoms or outfit the whole family with onesies. Whatever you choose, your family photo will be the talk of the town.

Share a Sweet Recipe

Baking up a storm this season? For an evergreen holiday card idea, share your favorite festive treat recipe – hint: it’s probably the one your friends always ask for anyway. Wish your loved ones the happiest of holidays and give them a sweet surprise that continues to give for years to come.

Relive Your Favorite Snow Day

What was your favorite winter activity growing up? Was it ice skating at a local pond, hitting the slopes or building a snowman in your front yard? Whatever it was, reminisce over these cold weather activities, and include your three favorite snow day memories.

Cozy Up Under a Blanket

Give your holiday cards that cozy feel by taking your family photo under one cozy blanket in the outdoors. If you have a family quilt, this is a great time to use it and share it’s story. Otherwise, go for colors and patterns that pop, like red or plaid.

Get Creative with Your Phone Library

Some of the best family photo ideas can come from earlier in the year, when you were celebrating a milestone, vacationing in a unique place or having a quiet night in with board games. When in doubt, scour your phone for photos and see which one brings the biggest smile to your face. This might be the moment that you most want to share with your friends and family during the holidays.

Movement Inspired Moments

Posed photos can come across as less natural than photos with some movement. And, all mothers know how hard it can be to capture candid photos where everyone looks good. Try having your children blow snow, confetti or dandelions out of their tiny hands into the camera! Tell your little ones to make a wish for the new year as they blow.

Forget the Pose Altogether

Schedule a fun activity, such as cookie making or tree decorating, and have your photographer or friend capture candid photos of your family in action. You can help prepare a beautiful setting by adding a candy cane prop for the photo. Or select an apron for each family member in coordinating prints. The photos will come out looking natural and beautiful.

Last-Minute Holiday Greetings

Did the holidays completely fly by this year? Are you really wishing your family a “Happy New Year” because you’re sending this out on December 26th? Just remember, it’s the thought that counts. Create a card design with the number of the coming year for a perfect, last-minute way to wish your people a happy holiday.

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