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Mommy Katie’s Review of EcoCover Crib Mattress Cover

Mommy Katie has a nice review up of our crib mattress pad on her preparing for baby guide:

With my son, I learned that diapers do not always last as long as you might intend them to. I hated getting him from his crib to find that he soaked through his diaper and got his sheets and bedding completely wet, not to mention that he would be soaking wet too. My daughter was not the same, it was rare that she would leak out of her diapers, so when my son became notorious for leaky messes I learned that having a pad cover on the mattress was essential. That being said, this time around I will be prepared. Recently I was sent the perfect mattress pad that is exactly what we will be needing for the new baby! I was sent a Organic Cotton EcoCover Crib Mattress Cover from Colgate Kids! I love that this is a organic mattress cover which is great for using for a new baby.

For the full review, please click here:

She is also having a giveaway of the mattress pad.

Side Image of Colgate EcoSpring Ultra II Crib Mattress

Colgate Mattress: The Changing Pad Specialist? Why Yes!

We receive a lot of email and calls concerning our changing pads.

Yes, even though we are the crib mattress specialist, we should also be known as the changing pad specialist as well.

Many calls are thanking us for adding another dimension to furniture by converting almost any piece of furniture into a diaper changing station. Most new moms tell us they buy at least two changing pads for different areas of their homes.

Colgate makes many different types of changing pads, 2-sided, 3 sided, Hi-Rise, Eco-friendly, and anti-microbial changing pads.

We do not make a four sided changing pad because Colgate believes one side needs to be open for, let’s just say to try to make the diaper changing experience as fast as possible by allowing for fast access to areas in need of cleaning. As for safety, our changing pads have many added features including firm sides to hold your child in place, a buckle and strap system, and, depending on your purchase, screws or snaps to secure your pad to your furniture.

As for cleaning, the changing pads just need to wipe down with a damp towel. All changing pads also give parents further peace of mind because all of our changing pads are GREENGUARD® certified and our foam is CertiPUR-US® certified.

Please let us know if you have had a “fun” experience during diaper changing time using a Colgate changing pad. New mom Julie B. from Doraville, GA called us last week to thank us and tell a fun filled diaper changing story and how thankful she was for how fast the changing pad was cleaned. If you have a fun diaper changing story, please do not hesitate to contact us or Facebook us to tell the story.

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Crib Notes: Educate Yourself Before Buying a Mattress

The juvenile industry calls us “the crib mattress specialist” for a number of reasons including the fact that Colgate is one of the only manufacturers that specializes in making only crib mattresses, pads, and the accessories that fit on them and not other unrelated baby products.

Another reason we are called the “Specialist” is because Colgate is often used for reference when people want to know or write about crib mattresses.  Here is a recent article from Consumer Search which deals with what to look for when buying a crib mattress:


Kind Words from The Daily GoodieBag

From our friends at The Daily GoodieBag:

Some of you may remember an awesome giveaway we did a few months ago, where we gave away an organic crib mattress and several organic mattress covers (thanks to the wonderful people at Colgate Mattress). Within the giveaway post, I wrote about my wonderful experience with one of their crib mattresses – The Organic Eco Classica. I still stand by my statement that it’s an AMAZING crib mattress. My daughter LOVED it! Notice I used the word loved, as in past tense. Oh it’s not that she stopped loving it, it’s that we had a wee bit of an accident. Read the rest of this article >>