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To Grandmother’s House We Go – Tips for Traveling with Baby

Are you packing up the family and heading to Grandma’s for the holidays? You’re in good company! According to, 66% of Americans plan to travel by airplane during the winter holidays this year. And with gas prices at record lows, travel experts forecast that many Americans will be traveling by car too.

Tips For Keeping Your Family Safe and Sane During Your Travels

  1. Consider planning your departures according to your baby’s sleep patterns. The less disruption to her schedule, the less stressful your trip will be. For flying, this might mean booking a flight in early afternoon or early evening. Car trips can begin at dusk, just after rush hour traffic, making it a win-win for baby and driver! It’s also helpful to plan an active day before departure, so baby will be tired and more likely to stick to her schedule.
  2. Keep essentials within reach, which might mean packing duplicates. By putting a small container of hand sanitizer, wipes and a change of clothes in every bag you’re keeping with you, you’re assured to have what you need at all times. This may seem counter-intuitive, especially for air travel, but being able to find a diaper when you REALLY need one can reduce everyone’s stress and allows you to tend to messy problems quickly.
  3. Choose toys that can be easily secured or clipped onto the car seat or seat belt to keep them off the floor and within reach. Consider making a small hole in a travel blanket so that it too can be clipped to the car seat.
  4. Do some pre-trip research. More and more airports are making efforts to accommodate traveling families. Did you know that at least eight major U.S. airports now have nursing stations? Our friends at have a complete list of airports with accompanying maps to identify their exact locations. In addition, many of the major U.S. airports (like Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Dallas, for example) now have playgrounds for young travelers. So if your travels include a layover, check the airport’s website for more information. As for car travel, look no further than your trusty smart phone. Upload a free rest area finder app (such as USA Rest Stops or Rest Area Finder); both are free downloads and are available for both iPhones and Androids.colgate eco pad 2 sided contour changing
  5. Set up a quick changing station in the back of the minivan. The Colgate EcoPad 2-Sided  Contour Changing Pad is a lightweight, safe and supporting changing pad for your infant. The cover also has a waterproof backing for any mishaps.
  6. And one last reminder: staying hydrated will help prevent fatigue. Make sure both baby and parents have drinks available to them during the trip (especially while driving).
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New Trends in Nursery Design

You’ve picked a name and have started settling into the fact that your family is growing. Now comes the important decision about how to decorate the nursery. Gone are the days of just choosing between “pink or blue”. Now more trendy furniture and high design options are available to expecting parents.

Below are 5 nursery designs we love:

Dream a Little Dream

Cool soft colors bring a light and airy feel to the nursery. Consider using wall stickers, stencils or a mural to create the look of sweet birds, hot air balloons or, perhaps, a ferris wheel, hovering over your baby’s crib.

ferris wheel baby nursery

Go West

Giddy Up! Your little cowboy will feel right at home in this western-inspired nursery. Rustic touches such as a raw wood crib, faux fur throw, antlers and a barn door will give your nursery a cool western feel helping your child sleep off into the sunset.

western theme baby nursery

Super Mod

Paint the accent wall in the nursery black? Yes! Just hang a vivid piece of art, use brightly colored curtains and accessorize the room with a modern rug, throw pillow and minimal light fixtures. This will create a funky cool space for your kiddo.

modern nursery with black accent wall


All That Glitters

Metallics are making their way from the runway into the nursery. Give your child the royal treatment by using metallic based paints and accessories. Make sure it sparkles by hanging a beautifully ornate chandelier from the ceiling.

metallic paint nursery

Planning Ahead

Transitioning beds and convertible cribs are a great investment. Several companies offer cribs that covert into toddler beds and, in some cases, into full-sized beds. As your child ages out of the crib, you can transform the nursery into a toddler bedroom – all you would need to purchase is a new twin mattress.

romina furniture convertible bed

Finish It Off With The Perfect Mattress

Colgate is legendary for our exacting standards when it comes to manufacturing safe crib and toddler mattresses. We use only the highest quality components, hand assembled right here in the USA because while many crib mattresses may look similar on the outside, we know it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Visit our website to find the the perfect mattress for your child. Remember, if you decide to go with a non-traditional shaped crib, such as round or oval, Colgate can create a custom mattress for you.

For more inspiration, check out our Nursery Board on Pinterest.

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Colgate Creates New “Retro Posh” Crib Mattress to Help Support SIDS Research

Introducing a bold, beautiful crib mattress with a cause!

To kickoff its national alliance with First Candle, a leading nonprofit dedicated to baby health and safety, Colgate Mattress proudly introduces its limited edition “Retro Posh“, dual firmness, foam crib mattress. It is now available for pre-order at colgatekids.comand select specialty store partners and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each crib mattress will go to First Candle’s programs to help fight Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). With a look inspired by the bold American prints of the 1950’s, the Retro Posh’s innovative design also commemorates Colgate’s 60-year heritage of handcrafting the world’s best crib mattresses.

Although SIDS-related incidents have declined dramatically over the past two decades, infant deaths as a result of unsafe sleep practices are on the rise with about 1,500 cases reported in the US each year. Through its partnership with Colgate, along with the support of the National Institute of Health, First Candle will promote Infant Safe Sleep to the 80,000 nurses who will graduate from the nation’s 1,900 nursing schools this year.

“First Candle’s mission to ensure the health and safety of infants and toddlers is a cause very close to our hearts,” said Alan Wolkin, president of Colgate Mattress. “Through the sale of Colgate’s limited edition Retro Posh, we hope to arm thousands of new nursing graduates and healthcare professionals with safe sleep information that can save precious lives.”

“There are low-cost, high-impact solutions to end preventable infant deaths and support healthy moms and babies. Our hospital initiative with Colgate Mattress is about the steps we can, and should, be taking to protect their future,” said Chris Blake, CEO of First Candle. “We are grateful to Colgate for helping First Candle make the program a reality.”

Retro Posh: Certified Safe & Chic for a Cause

The Retro Posh’s dual firmness design is GREENGUARD® Gold & CertiPUR-US® certified safe and fits all standard size cribs and toddler beds. The waterproof cover is made of a soft poly/cotton blend and boasts a midcentury modern print with colorful bursts of aqua, coral and yellow. Available exclusively online and at select specialty store partners for $219.99, the Retro Posh is lightweight (8.5 lbs.) allowing for easy sheet changes.

“Clean lines and bold pops of color were du jour in 1955, so we decided to design a limited edition crib mattress with a unique cover that pays homage to Colgate’s humble beginnings,” said Terri Paul, specialty products marketing director, Colgate Mattress. “The Retro Posh is certified safe, has a fabulous look and supports an important cause.”

About First Candle

First Candle is a leading national nonprofit dedicated to safe pregnancies and the survival of babies through the first years of life. With programs dedicated to research, education and advocacy, the organization is working to ensure that every baby is given the best possible chance to reach not only his or her first birthday, but many happy birthdays beyond. First Candle also provides compassionate grief support to all those affected by the death of a baby through a toll-free crisis hotline (1.800.221.7437).

For more information or to make a donation, please visit or call 443-640-1049.


Colgate Pioneers 2-in-1 Crib Mattress with Temperature Control

Introducing EverTrue Cuddle

America’s most trusted crib mattress company, Colgate Mattress, today introduced the EverTrue™ Cuddle™, the industry’s first and only crib mattress featuring two sides of body regulating surfaces. As the newest edition to Colgate’s EverTrue Collection, the Cuddle is engineered to provide safe, comfortable sleep by maintaining an ideal temperature in the baby’s sleep environment. Each handcrafted mattress has earned the coveted GREENGUARD Gold seal of approval and meets the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for infant sleep safety and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) risk reduction.

The EverTrue Cuddle’s dual design includes a firm support side for newborns and a softer side for toddlers. The extra firm infant side contains NaturesWeave™, a mattress component made of 100% recyclable materials, which allows air to flow freely throughout the crib mattress. The toddler side is constructed with a layer of cool gel memory foam, providing additional comfort and temperature control. Each side is clearly marked for easy identification.

“Colgate’s EverTrue Cuddle is engineered to enhance air flow thanks to innovative materials that help address this well-documented safety concern,” said Terri Paul, specialty division marketing director for Colgate. “Each Cuddle is the perfect marriage of craftsmanship and technology, made with the high standards that have been Colgate’s hallmark for 60 years.”

According to the AAP, research suggests that SIDS occurs when an infant’s body has difficulty regulating breathing, cardiovascular functions, and/or body temperature. While the cause of SIDS has not yet been discovered, overheating due to clothing, blankets, or room temperature has been identified as a factor that contributes to an increased risk of SIDS. Other factors include babies sleeping on their stomachs and the use of unsafe beds, such as couches and adult mattresses.

Form Meets Function

Created with today’s busy, modern Mom in mind, the EverTrue Cuddle crib mattress also boasts the following features:EverTrue Crib Mattress Features

  • Lightweight core – At less than 15 lbs., the Cuddle’s core construction is lightweight. Lifting to change the sheets is less strenuous. It is 6” thick, features plant oil-infused eco foam and fits all standard sized cribs.
  • Waterproof cover – Both infant and toddler sides have medical-grade, anti-bacterial waterproof ticking, preventing diaper leaks from seeping into the mattress.
  • Breathable construction – Side ventilation creates the perfect microclimate for baby by allowing air to flow freely throughout the mattress.
  • Modern designs – Available in three clean, modern designs. Fabric choices include the Chick-A-Dee, Dottie Lottie and Squiggles in gender-neutral colors.
  • Affordably priced – Sold in partnership with Colgate independent specialty retailers, including Brixy stores nationwide. MSRP: $299 with a limited lifetime warranty. 

EverTrue: A different kind of crib mattress

Widely regarded as the inventor of the modern crib mattress, Colgate continues to innovate the industry with its revolutionary EverTrue Collection. As part of its “Total Safe Sleep System,” the Colgate EverTrue line has expanded to include six models. Each consists of three components that ensure enhanced airflow and improved oxygenation for baby. The proprietary, breathable honeycomb mesh core optimizes air circulation and features plant oil-infused eco foam. All EverTrue mattresses are GREENGUARDGold certified and exceed the industry’s highest safety standards.

“Colgate has long been the first to introduce new product innovations, and we’re accelerating our pace to incorporate valuable features that parents find attractive,” Paul added. “Combined with our focus on safety and quality, Colgate is truly helping both Mom and baby sleep better.”


Fun and Creative Baby Announcement Ideas

You’ve read the test results, been to the doctor and you are definitely pregnant. The next step is to tell the world you are expecting with an adorable baby announcement. If you are far enough along and can’t wait out the 40 weeks until your bundle of joy arrives, you may also want to get creative revealing the gender. The easy thing to do would be to pick up the phone, send a text or a mass email but nah – that’s no fun!

Check out these adorable and unique ways to share the exciting baby news with your family and friends.

By Cake

Gather up your closest friends to indulge in a sweet treat. As you cut into the delicious cake, will the M&M’s that spill out be pink or blue!!??

Boy baby cake reveal

By Pet

Your pet may always be considered your “first baby” as a couple. Why not include him in spreading the wonderful news that you are pregnant with an actual human!
dog announcing baby arrival


By Balloon

It’s a big box filled with balloons – but what color will they be? Open the top to release them into the sky while revealing to your family the gender of your baby.

pink balloon gender reveal

With Chalk

This is the easiest math in the world. This baby announcement will let everyone quickly know that you are adding to your family.

family announces baby on board

By Paint

It doesn’t get much more fun that this! Fill a bunch of squirt guns with pink or blue paint. Then 1-2-3 Shoot!

happy couple having a baby boy

With Humor

You’re going to be a Dad! Those football filled weekends and poker nights are coming to a quick halt. Try adding a little humor to announcing your new reality.

guy faints at pregnancy test

Check out more creative ways to announce your pregnancy on our Pinterest Baby Announcement board. Congratulations and Have Fun!

website_blog_large Got A New Look

Colgate Kids Website Relaunch

After months of thoughtful planning and design, we are proud to unveil the new and improved Our “digital flagship” boasts a clean, modern look and feel with full e-commerce capabilities, which means the Colgate products you love and trust are now just a click away!

To ensure our customers have the best online shopping experience, we started by listening to what moms want and incorporating best practices in functionality and design. Then we injected a hefty dose of adorable (that means lots of cute baby pictures.) The result? A simple, easy-to-use website that offers the best of both worlds to our customers 24x7x365!

We redesigned with you in mind, with features like:

  • Smart search and navigation – Intuitive design to quickly find Colgate mattresses, pads and accessories from our full catalog
  • Responsive design – Optimized for laptop, mobile, tablet or HD display so you can browse and shop from any device
  • Secure shopping cart – Your confidential information is processed securely. Use your choice of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and PayPal for fast, easy checkout.
  • Free shipping – Enjoy free shipping in the contiguous US backed by the Colgate 90-day money back guarantee

Providing New Parents Peace of Mind:

With a new baby on the way, moms have enough to worry about. We believe selecting a safe, quality mattress should not be one of them. With that in mind, we’ve also created a special resource section featuring honest information to help you shop with confidence. Here you will find extensive information about crib mattress safety, fire barriers, and the importance of firmness, plus additional safety tips and other helpful information to prepare for new baby’s arrival.

Whether you are a new or expectant parent, extended family or friend, thank you for trusting Colgate Mattress during this exciting time!


Our 10 Trusted Follows on Twitter for Baby Safety

Being a parent is rewarding, overwhelming and sometimes very confusing. It seems as if every time we get online, there is always some new MUST HAVE information about how to raise our children, what products have been recalled, or what is the latest and greatest in baby gear.

Below is a list of a few of trusted product and safety Twitter handles we suggest you follow for smart, informative and quick tips.

Follow These Handles


JPMA’s extensive history of leadership in juvenile product safety includes the development of a comprehensive Certification Program to help guide parents and caregivers toward purchasing juvenile products that are built with safety in mind. JPMA also has a great online resource called Baby Safety Zone @BabySafetyZone. Follow them for tips & tools for parents & consumers.

First Candle@FirstCandle

First Candle has been saving babies’ lives, spearheading research, educating new moms and dads, and bringing hope to grieving families for decades.

International Sleep Products Association@ISPAsleep

ISPA is committed to supporting the mattress industry through active public policy, public affairs, and education initiatives.

Baby Gear Lab:  @babygearlab

Founded by an experienced Pediatrician and Mom, Baby Gear Lab selects the top products, tests them side-by-side in the lab and in the field, and ranks and awards the ones they feel are the best.

Baby Center: @babycenter 

BabyCenter provides information on pregnancy, children’s health, parenting and more, including expert advice & weekly newsletters that detail your child’s development.

Kids In Danger: (KID) @kidsindanger

KID promotes the development of safer products, advocates for children and educates the public, especially parents and caregivers, about dangerous children’s products.

American Academy of Pediatrics@AmerAcadPeds

The AAP is a professional membership organization made up of 62,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical sub-specialists, and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to the health, safety, and wellbeing of infants, children, adolescents and young adults.

Consumer Product Safety Commission: @USCPSC

CPSC’s work to ensure the safety of consumer products – such as toys, cribs, power tools, cigarette lighters, and household chemicals – contributed to a decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 40 years.

Consumer Reports Consumer: @consumerreports

Consumer Reports serves consumers through unbiased product testing and ratings, research, journalism, public education, and advocacy. Colgate’s Director of Marketing, Dennis Schuetz, is quoted several times in their crib mattress buying guide.

Follow Colgate Mattress

And, of course, it wouldn’t feel right unless we gave a small shameless plug for our own Twitter handle @colgatemattress. Stay up-to-date on product information, promotions and more by following us. Or visit the Health & Safety section of our new website to learn more about our commitment to making the highest quality crib mattresses in the world.


Celebrate Summer with a Book

School is out and the lazy days of summer are here. It’s time to enjoy the pool, the beach and our friends. As parents, we may feel our children are maxed out and need a break from working their brains. However, all that hard work they put in throughout the school year can slowly slip away over the summer months. In fact, research shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of summer vacation. This has prompted some systems to extend their school year or modify their school calendars.

Fortunately, there is a fun and easy way to keep the learning going! Reading over the summer, even if just for a few minutes each day, will help keep your child’s mind active and engaged.

Check out the summer reading challenges being offered at your local library or sign up for one at Barnes & Noble. There are also national reading challenges, like the one from Scholastic, in which your whole school can participate in.

Below are some suggested titles from The Washington Post. For the full list, click here.

Summer Reads

Grades K – 3

A Nest Is Noisy 
By Dianna Hutts Aston, illustrated by Sylvia Long. $16.99. Grades K–3.
Whether it’s the foamy home of a frog or the sandy one of a sea turtle, this book reminds readers that all nests bustle with activity.

Ice Cream Summer 
By Peter Sís. $17.99. Grades K–3.
Sís cleverly slips lessons on history, vocabulary, and math into this tale of summer fun as Joe narrates everything he’s learned in a letter to his grandfather.

Grades 4 – 6

Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer 
By Kelly Jones, illustrated by Katie Kath. $16.99. Grades 4–6.
In letters to her dearly departed abuelita and others, Sophie worries about missing L.A., her dad’s unemployment, and poultry thieves. Her voice rings true in this tale of family, adventure, and raising chickens.

Gone Crazy in Alabama 
By Rita Williams-Garcia. $16.99. Grades 4–6.
The award-winning author rounds out a trilogy about three sisters as they travel from Brooklyn to Alabama to visit their grandmother.

Grades 5 – 9

By Alice Hoffman. $16.99. Grades 5–8.
In a place where monsters might be real, 12-year-old Twig stores up her hurts “as if they were a tower made of fallen stars”—until she finds a friend to help her break a curse and release her family’s secrets.

By Pam Muñoz Ryan. $19.99. Grades 5–9.
Set before and during WWII, this magical tale follows an enchanted harmonica and the lives it touches as it travels through space and time.

blog_BNC Award Evertrue 800x400

Colgate Mattress Honored Again in Baby & Children’s Product News

America’s favorite crib mattress manufacturer, Colgate Kids, continues to win honors for its quality baby products, recently adding its eleventh consecutive Baby & Children’s Product News Readers Favorite Award. The Evertrue Diamond, Serene and Natural Iwere among notable collections featured in the mattress category. The award adds to a growing list of kudos bestowed on Colgate by various parent groups and publications, including a recent “Best of Baby 2015” award by 

“This honor is especially humbling because it comes from our independent retailers and specialty store owners, some of whom have been customers for decades,” said Alan Wolkin, president of Colgate Kids. “In many ways, this award reinforces Colgate’s longstanding reputation as a trusted advisor to both our retail partners and the families they serve. We are grateful for their vote of confidence eleven years in a row!”

Colgate crib mattresses have earned the coveted GREENGUARD Gold children and schools certification and carry JPMA’s distinguished seal of approval for meeting the industry’s toughest safety standards in the world. Available online at and at specialty stores in the Brixy network, mattresses highlighted include:

  • Colgate Natural I – Made of 100% natural components. Unlike most mattresses marketed as “natural” or “organic,” the Colgate Natural I is truly metal and plastic free. The mattress is constructed using real coir fiber made from coconut shell husks, all-natural latex from plants and renewable cotton batting interior, with a certified organic cotton cover.
  • EverTrue Diamond – Part of Colgate’s “total safe sleep system” the EverTrue consists of three components that ensure enhanced airflow and improved oxygenation for baby. It has a celliant waterproof fabric cover, cool gel memory foam and a proprietary, breathable honeycomb mesh core engineered for enhanced air circulation.
  • EverTrue Serene – A 5” think, dual-firmness mattress with advanced safety, health, and comfort features throughout development. Dual-firmness design provides both the firmness infants need for safety and proper development and the added comfort toddlers prefer. The Serene also features plant-oil infused eco foam™ and ultrasonically welded side seams for added durability.

Baby and Children’s Product News is a leading publication in the juvenile products trade industry. Winners of the Reader’s Favorite Awards are announced in its June/July issue.

blog_dad blog

Daddy Diaper Doody Duty

Let’s face it, no one ever really wants to change a big ole stinky diaper. Sure, it is a lot more tolerable when the contents come from your sweet little angel, but all in all, it’s a job that parents continue to try to push off on one another. Traditionally, it was always mom who took the lead in taking care of baby. Honestly, it just wasn’t “cool” for a dad to rock, swaddle, feed, bathe or {gasp} change a poopy diaper…until now.

In fact, according to Pew Research, American fathers today spend nearly triple the amount of time on childcare than they did in the 1960s, while mothers spend four more hours per week.

Bring on the Diapers

Thanks to celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, who recently asked for more changing tables in public restrooms, Daddy’s are taking charge of diaper changing duties everywhere. Dads are taking an active role in parenting and even offering up advice to their comrades. Bloggers Andy Herald and Charlie Capen of How to be Dad take a hilarious approach to co-sleeping in their book, The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions: Survival Tips for Co-Sleeping Parents. We are even seeing male baby trend experts, such as Jamie Grayson [The Baby Guy], recognized as the “Best Baby Gear Guru” for his advice to new parents about the best products for baby.

Gear for Dad

Several companies are making products specifically with Dad in mind. Check out the diapers bags from The Diaper Dude. They are masculine, yet functional, and come in a variety of sizes to meet Dad’s needs and style.

Colgate also has something for Dad to take along on those big family car rides this summer – our 3-sided contour changing pad. This pad can turn almost any flat surface into a changing station. It’s lightweight, liquid proof and easy to clean. Plus, the dimensions are small enough to travel with ease. Daddy can easily take his diaper duty on the road!

The Colgate 3-sided contour changing pad is available online at Target or BuyBuyBabyfor $45.99.