5 Easy Ways To Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a major buzzword these days that represents a state of living in the moment. Especially as moms, many of us think of mindfulness as a difficult pursuit requiring time, commitment and maybe even training. But that doesn’t have to be true. Mindfulness is possible for all parents!


The best way to get better at noticing when you’ve left the present is to practice mindfulness in small ways on a daily basis. Here are five simple tips to get you started.


1. Begin Each Day With Gratitude

If the first thing you do each morning is check your phone, don’t worry, you are not alone. Instead of checking social notifications or emails, take out some time to shift your focus towards gratitude. Ask your children what they are grateful for every day. Just because you’re the parent don’t forget to add your favorite!  


2. Treasure The Current Moment

Enjoy your present without connecting the events with your past and future. You don’t have to worry about anything because things unfold naturally. Peel off all the insecurities and just concentrate on the benefits of family. Mindfulness means being aware of what is happening in the present moment. In order to live this moment, you have to love your surroundings and your life. Make a wish list of all the things that are close to your heart, and try to do something that brings you pure joy every day. 


3. Accept Things As They Are

It is only human to wish for better things, and it’s hard to be completely satisfied. But a mindful person doesn’t judge their present conditions. By accepting things, we realize their true worth.

Build up your self-confidence by leaning into your own unique powers and don’t try to modify your true personality. Surround yourself with people who accept you as you are and have faith in you. Do not try to change things because you can’t accept them. Change only those things in which you enjoy the whole process of learning new things.


4. Baby Steps Are Okay

You can also improve mindfulness by taking small steps. Give preference to quality over quantity and remember not to rush into things. Take small breaks during the day whenever you can. Spend an afternoon at the park with the kids and enjoy time being outdoors. Leave the laundry for tomorrow when you are too tired to get through your full to-do list. Make small targets and celebrate all the little achievements along the way. In the long run, there is no shortcut to a successful life. Slow and steady wins the race.


5. End Each Day On A Positive Note

Before going to sleep, make it a habit to recollect the sweet moments of your day. Appreciate the simple ones, like sharing a PB&J with your child, and be thankful for the gifts in your life like your family, specifically your partner, and your home. Don’t waste time getting irritated by the stressful moments that are bound to happen, as this will only create more stress. Instead, analyze the less joyful moments of the day and look out for a positive solution for tomorrow.

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