5 Tips For Mom Self-Care During the Holidays 


Moms know all too well the eternal struggle to prioritize self-care and how it can be a really tough thing to master without guilt. Especially this time of year, the pressure to create magical family holiday memories can be enough to run any mom ragged, let alone the daily tasks of managing a household and raising little ones.


With all the coordination and anticipation that happens during the season of giving, stress can really creep up and weigh you down. Now is the perfect time to prioritize your own health and wellness.


If you are looking for inspiration for finding moments for self-care that can make a big difference, here are some ways that you can prioritize yourself this holiday season.


  1. Start small. Take your regular, everyday life and add extra delight where you can. Light your favorite scented candle in your kitchen. Switch out your morning shower for an evening bath. While you’re out shopping for stocking stuffers, grab a drugstore facemask. Little personal moments of goodness can lift your spirits just enough to get you through one more Christmas card addressing session.


  1. You don’t have to do everything, and refuse to feel guilty about it. With so many activities to choose from and the countless demands of family members, it can all become too much, too quickly. Rather choose to do less, and pick activities that will bring you the most joy. Tell the FOMO (fear of missing out) Monster that lives in your brain to take a load off. Choosing to focus on a few activities will allow you to celebrate, but also have the much-needed downtime. Strive to find quality time together, rather than rushing around and trying to fit too much in.


  1. Calm your mind with journaling. Getting things down on paper can be a great way to feel like you have things in order. Journaling is not only practical, but has many amazing benefits for your mental health as well. Choose a journal that inspires you. Think about what your goals are for this holiday season and what is going to be truly meaningful for you and your family. If you take on too much, the real meaning of the holidays can easily become lost. Therefore, use your journal to help keep you in check. Also, write daily affirmations. This practice will help you remember what there is to be thankful for and bring you happiness this season. 


  1. Take a social media break. They say comparison is the thief of joy, and social media can be a trigger during the holidays. Take a pause from comparing your decorations to the neighbor’s down the street, which can plant seeds of self-doubt. If you start to feel less than, that’s your cue to log out of your accounts for a few days, a week or however long feels right to you. You’ll thank yourself and more than likely enjoy social media more when you go back online after a holiday hiatus. 


  1. Buy yourself a gift. Why not treat yourself — self-love is the best gift of all. Moms often think about themselves last and forget that you should be on your own holiday list. It’s not selfish to take a moment to pamper yourself with a massage, the latest skincare routine or a cozy new set of pj’s and slippers for winter. 


This time of the year can truly be the best time of the year. But it can also kind of be stressful if you let everyone take from you without giving to yourself. When making your list don’t forget to check it twice and make sure you’re at the top!


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