5 Tips To Organize Your Little Ones Room 

Preparing for your new baby to come home is oh so exciting. However, baby-size stuff can make a big mess, really fast, and having clutter all over can add unnecessary stress to your new-mom life. Friends and family often shower you with so many amazing gifts that when it comes time to finally organize the nursery, you are in baby stuff overload! 

The secret to a functional, peaceful nursery is creating an organizational system that you will actually maintain. Below are five helpful tips for creating and keeping order as your little one grows.

1. Turn Walls Into Storage 

Take advantage of the height of the nursery wall to create instant storage space. Place items you won’t use often or want to keep out of baby’s reach on wall shelves or tall bookcases. And don’t forget overlooked areas like backs of doors. Consider adding an over-the-door shoe holder with clear pockets behind the nursery door and compartmentalize all the small stuff like tiny shoes or baby hats.  

2. Use Containers & Label Everything

Say yes to bins that can be hung and stored in drawers and give each one a specific category. Inside your closet you’ll want to use clear, stackable containers so you can see exactly what’s in them. Label them by size. Items that have daily or weekly use should be stored within arm’s reach while seasonal items or clothes your baby can’t wear yet don’t need to be in close reach. 

3. Maximize Closet Space

Make the most of baby’s closet by storing folded clothes in a hanging cloth shoe organizer. And since little outfits are short, you can double up on space if you install a double-hang closet rod. You might also consider installing shelves above and below a single rod and use them to store bins of books, toys and seasonal clothing.  

4. Buy Storage-Friendly Furniture

Invest in dressers that offer generous proportions, perfect for stashing excess wipes and diapers and more, like the pieces of furniture from our friends at Milk Street Baby. If you have a combo changing table-dresser, use drawer dividers to organize smaller items like socks. Storage benches are also great to stash bulky items like blankets and sweaters. 

5. Purge Frequently 

You need to manage both the inflow and outflow of odds and ends you’ll collect for baby. Every few months, separate baby’s clothes into three piles: what fits now, what baby can grow into soon and what’s been outgrown. Keep the first two piles in the nursery, placing the “fits now” group in an easy-to-access drawer or bin and tucking away the “grow into soon” items for future use. Put too-small clothes in a bin to sell, donate or give to a mommy friend. Do the same for toys and books periodically. A good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used it in the last two to three months, you likely won’t be using it again.


Great storage will translate to a more organized and functional nursery, which in turn gives it a calm feeling. And that’s a feeling every mom could use a bit more of, after all.

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