A Nursery For Everyone

As you prepare for your baby to arrive, creating a comfortable (and adorable) living space for your little one goes to the top of your to-do list. As you begin to imagine a room for it’s sweet future occupant, remember to keep yourself in mind.

Although we are your crib mattress specialists, we pride ourselves in ensuring that all of your bases are covered- not just when it comes to sleeping! Take a look at some of these tips from whattoexpect.com and femalefirst.co.uk that will assist in not only meeting your baby’s comfort needs, but yours as well.

For the little one:

  • Color: Choose colors that promote a calm, tranquil, and relaxing environment for your baby. Pale, pastel colors are always popular choices.
  •  Music: Classical music is a great tool to assist in calming your little one down after a heavy cry.  On the other hand, up-beat nursery rhymes and tunes are perfect for playtime.
  • Avoid clutter: Ensure your nursery has all of the essentials- but make sure there is enough floor space for crawling!

For you:

  • Create a mom-station: You’ve probably already been eyeing a glider – after all, that is probably one of the most useful pieces of nursery furniture. While you continue to research possible gliders, don’t forget to consider these mom-station musts: Side table and small lamp, a snack and drink for you, a burping cloth, and of course the telephone that is bound to ring.
  • Keep your back in mind: As you check out the floor models, ask yourself these back focused questions:
    • Is the glider contoured for back support?
    • Is the crib the right height for you?
    • Does the changing table hit between your hips and waist (it should)?
    • Find a suitable arrangement: Location, location, location. Once you have settled with furniture and accessories, make sure you have the right set up. The crib should be away from the door and the changing table should be close to the closet or dresser. The mom station? Set it up near the crib!

Designing a nursery can be a daunting task, but just remember nothing is permanent and you can always switch up the layout once you figure out what works best for you and your little one.

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