Baby Safety Month with Cheeky Chompers

This Labor Day, we are kicking off a month long partnership with Cheeky Chompers in an effort to raise awareness about baby safety. For all the mama’s out there, “Labor Day” is that wonderful day when your baby starts to make his/her way into the world. And from that day on, your child’s safety becomes your #1 priority.

September is Baby Safety Month, annually sponsored by our friends at JPMA. There is never too much information when it comes to keeping our children safe. You don’t have to be a parent to help advocate for the safety of kids – anyone and everyone should recognize the hazards in our own homes and businesses. We should all take the time to educate ourselves on ways to make sure kids can run, play, and sleep safely.

Dream Safe

One of the most important decisions you will make as a new parent is where and how you place your baby to sleep. At Colgate, we believe these D.R.E.A.M SAFE sleep practices can help protect your baby from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

D ~ DO place baby on her back to sleep.

Always place your baby on his or her back to sleep, for naps and at night.

R ~ REMEMBER a FIRM crib mattress is always best.

Firmness aids in development of baby’s muscles and bones. Soft beds naturally give and contour which can impede a babies breathing and trap heat, which can also be dangerous.

E ~ ELIMINATE clutter.

Do not put anything soft, loose or fluffy in your baby’s sleep space. Only a fitted sheet, mattress pad or waterproof pad should be used under baby.

A ~ ALWAYS place baby in the crib to sleep. Never place your baby to sleep on top of any soft surface. This includes adult beds, couches, pillows, cushions, comforters and sheepskins.

M ~ MONITOR air flow and temperature.

Make sure your baby doesn’t get too warm during sleep. Use lightweight sleep clothing and keep room temperature at what would be comfortable for a lightly-clothed adult. For newborns, consider swaddling.

Meet Cheeky Chompers

We are teaming up with Cheeky Chompers this month because we love their safe line of teethers. These innovative attached teethers won’t end up on the ground or get lost in the cracks of the backseat. Soft and pliable, the teethers contain no phthalates, will never flake or peel and are 100% safe for babies to chew on. They are also machine-washable.

The Cheeky Chompers® Neckerchew® is the world’s first chewy dribble bib for teething tots. It combines the popular dribble bib concept with an attached chewy teether to soothe painful young gums.

The Comfortchew® is an attached teething comforter with different textures to stimulate babies and soothe tender gums, made from super-soft jersey cotton, cuddle fleece and ribbons. The Comfortchew® brings together baby’s four favorite essentials – comforter, teether, teddy and tags.

The Cheeky Chompers® Chewy® Teething Toy is baby’s cheeky chewable friend because it is soft and pliable, phthalate and BPA free, will never flake or peel and is 100% safe to chew on.

Enter To Win

During the month of September, enter your email below for your chance to win 1 of 3 prizes. Post a photo of your baby sleeping safe or using a Cheeky Chomper on Instagram for extra chances to win. Be sure to tag your photo using hashtag #DreamSafe.

Winners will be announced on October 1st. Good luck!

Grand Prize: Colgate EverTrue 2 Sided Contour Changing Pad & Chewy Toy
2nd Prize: Colgate Wee Away Waterproof Cover & Neckerchew
3rd Prize: Colgate Terry Cloth Contour Changing Pad Cover + ComfortChew

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