Be a Great Friend: Give Mommy and New Baby a Little “Zen”

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It’s no secret that the arrival of a new baby means major transitions. Never fear! You can give Mommy a little “Zen” by helping her feel supported and well-rested. If someone you know and love just welcomed a new bundle of joy, here are a few tips to consider before you head out for the first visit.

Bring a gift. Of any size.

Even if you’ve already given a baby shower gift, don’t show up empty-handed. Check Mommy’s registry for lingering purchases or better yet, simply ask her what she needs. Chances are a few things were left off the original list. When in doubt, buying Mommy’s preferred brand of diapers may be a safe bet. Passing by her favorite cupcake shop enroute to the house? A sweet treat can bring instant joy – even if you have to indulge in secret.

Take something (anything) off her plate.

Sometimes all new Mommy needs is a helping hand, literally. Yes, your amazing friend could possibly handle everything herself, but she will likely welcome your assistance with typical household tasks. Properly loading the dishwasher might gain you brownie points for life.

Older siblings around? Consider entertaining them to grant Mommy and new baby special one-on-one time. Even if Mommy rejected your cupcakes, her kiddos will likely relish venturing out for a scoop of ice cream.

Offer adult time.

The transition into motherhood can be overwhelming at times. The good news is you’re ready and willing offer relief. When the time is right, offer to take her out for the chance to connect and spend adult time. Perhaps time out for coffee, lunch, or a guilt-free pedicure. Be sure to use the time to connect and ask about how SHE’s doing.

Offer a temporary respite.

With a new baby comes major transitions especially in when it comes to sleep routines. According to a survey by Colgate Kids, the nation’s oldest manufacturer of crib mattresses, more than half of new moms report they just want a little more sleep! Try giving her a temporary respite from tending to baby while she’s enjoying a midday nap.

Place the baby (safely) to sleep.

While little one sleeps (under your watchful care), Mommy will have time to do whatever she chooses. Taking a long hot shower, watching the latest episode of her favorite TV show, or even taking a peaceful yoga class. Colgate offers caregivers the following advice for baby’s safe sleep:

Place baby on her back.
Whether it’s nap time or at night, always place babies on their backs for sleeping.

Never place baby to sleep on top of any soft surface.
This includes adult beds, couches, or comforters. The safest surface for baby is a firm and flat crib mattress.

Skip the pillows, extra covers and stuffed animals.
Other items could obstruct breathing or result in overheating. If baby happens to fall asleep while in a swing, car seat, stroller, etc., you should move her to the crib to sleep as soon as possible.

Monitor airflow and temperature
Make sure baby doesn’t get too warm during sleep and use lightweight sleep clothing.

With a new baby comes major transitions, and the rules of new baby etiquette can be exhaustive. However, with the right support – from great friends like you – every Mommy and new baby can experience tranquility and a little Zen!

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