Colgate Mattress on the Better Show!

November 05, 2014

  Recently, Colgate Mattress was featured on the Better Show in New York City. We were joined by Child Safety Expert, Sandra Gordon, author of Consumer Reports: Best Baby Products. Discussing how to furnish a baby nursery on a budget, Gordon gave expert tips about swaddlers, changing pads, artwork, and bedding. ... Read More »

Would you ever crowdsource your baby name?

June 18, 2014

There’s a major trend in culture right now called crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is the idea that there is great value in utilizing the skills, abilities and opinions of others around us for things we need, whether it’s places to stay, rides to work, or creating a design for a logo. Crowdsourcing... Read More »

Colgate Mattress Featured on Business RadioX

April 01, 2014

Last week, Alan and Dennis had the chance to sit down with Business RadioX and share the Colgate Mattress story, and why we're so passionate about making the best crib mattresses on the market. Take a listen for yourself on their radio website and let us know what you think!... Read More »

Back to Sleep (and Nine More Tips to Help Your Family Rest Easier)

August 26, 2013

Doctors agree that there are no surefire ways to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, or “SIDS.” There are ways, however, to reduce your baby’s risk against the leading cause of death among infants between one month and 1 year old. Place a sleeping baby on his back. Your baby’s risk of... Read More »

A Nursery For Everyone

July 01, 2013

As you prepare for your baby to arrive, creating a comfortable (and adorable) living space for your little one goes to the top of your to-do list. As you begin to imagine a room for it’s sweet future occupant, remember to keep yourself in mind. Although we are your crib... Read More »

Prepping Your Little Ones For Hot Summer Months

May 31, 2013

Who doesn’t love summertime? The next few months present you and your babies with an endless amount of new, refreshing activities. Whether it is a trip to the beach or a day at the park, it is important to review necessary safety precautions to ensure your little ones have a... Read More »

A Bedtime Story: Choosing the Right Crib Mattress

April 22, 2013

Here at Colgate we know a good mattress not only means a cozy snooze for your baby, but also great support for their growing little bones. If you are just embarking on the crib mattress search, the first rule is the firmer the better. Soft sleeping surfaces for infants not... Read More »

What Has Colgate Mattress Brought To The Crib Mattress Industry?

March 25, 2013

It all started over half a century ago with nothing more than a $1,500 loan and Sol and Anne Wolkin’s drive to follow their passion. Today, we are so proud to stand behind some of the top innovations and trends that we have pioneered in the crib mattress industry! The... Read More »

Flame retardant Chemicals in Crib Mattresses

March 06, 2013

Recently there have been some news reports (television, newspaper, internet blogs) regarding the use of certain flame retardant chemicals in baby and children's products. These chemical agents have been used as a flame retardant in foam. Some of the chemical agents mentioned in these news articles are chlorinated Tris, Penta-BDE... Read More »

Reducing Colgate’s Environmental Footprint for Crib Mattresses

September 05, 2012

We are in the baby business, which means we are in the business of protecting future generations. At Colgate we take the role of protecting our environment for future generations very serious. Colgate strives to reduce its environmental load and wants to share with you what Colgate is doing to... Read More »