Breathe-Flex Aire Sets New Industry Standards For Crib Mattress Breathability

Colgate is proudly known as a crib mattress company name you can trust for high quality and minimal compromise. Our U.S. made Breathe-Flex™ Aire mattress is constructed of Flex-PE™ foam support, providing the highest level of interior mattress breathability and a micro-climate for temperature regulation. What other benefits set it apart from the competition? With the Breathe-Flex™ Aire, moms find one of our most eco-friendly mattresses, including:


  • A certified organic cotton cover surface (not vinyl) is ultra-soft and decorative with a stylish owl print with food-grade waterproof backing
  • Blended gel and eco-friendly memory foam made with plant oils helps to regulate temperature while providing extra comfort and fewer pressure points for more restful sleep
  • All-natural coir fiber made from coconut shell husks is an extra-supportive cushioning layer on the firmer infant side of the mattress
  • Natural cotton cushioning for comfort on both mattress sides
  • GREENGUARD® Gold and CertiPUR-US® certified safe for no harmful emissions


In comparison to alternate brand crib mattresses, the Breathe-Flex™ Aire offers superior air circulation by marrying technical engineering with safety and comes with no unpleasant odors! Its lightweight design makes sheet and pad changes easier than ever. And the unique internal support system helps maintain optimal support during sleep for both infants requiring more support and toddlers that need support, but will appreciate the extra comfort.

It also has squared edges, fitting snugly into standard cribs without gaps, a nice 6″ tight sheet fitting thickness and is already receiving excellent reviews for quality and stylishness. In our humble opinion, Colgate’s Breathe-Flex™ Aire crib mattress is a superior infant to toddler 2-stage mattress that offers more features for baby and child, is more eco-friendly than many mattresses that call themselves organic, and is a better value proposition for parents based on quality, number of features and quality components inside the mattress.

“In short, Colgate’s hallmark has always been its commitment to safety, quality and family so when moms ask for a highly eco-friendly, ‘breathable’ crib mattress, we listened. The result is a unique, thoughtfully designed product that truly meets the needs of both baby and Mom.”        

~Dennis Schuetz, director of sales and marketing, Colgate Mattresses

The Breathe-Flex™ Aire is at the very top of the Colgate Breathe-Flex series of better crib mattresses. To learn more about the collection, visit exclusive retailer buybuy BABY.


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