shepherd center mask donation

Colgate Mattress Shifts Gears to Make Masks During COVID-19 Pandemic

shepherd center mask donation

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Atlanta-based Colgate Mattress™️ has shifted the focus of a portion of its factory employees from handcrafting crib mattresses to creating masks, which will be donated to Shepherd Center. These masks are a collaborative effort across the company, from hospital outreach to mask design to sewing and manufacturing. Together, the Colgate family is aiming to donate about 3,000 masks by mid-April. 

“When COVID-19 began impacting our community, we knew we had to help,” said Colgate Mattress Vice President Richard Wolkin. “As a manufacturing facility, we have the unique ability to repurpose some of our supplies for our healthcare workers. We have worked tirelessly to manufacture a mask that can be utilized to better protect our healthcare providers.” 

Colgate Mattress™️, the nation’s oldest family-owned manufacturer of crib mattresses and accessories, is committed to supporting its local Atlanta community during the recent coronavirus pandemic. In response to the shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, Colgate is taking actionable steps to manufacture necessary masks at scale. Shepherd Center, also an Atlanta mainstay, is a private, not-for-profit hospital specializing in medical treatment, research and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, spine and chronic pain, and other neuromuscular conditions. 

Over the course of three days, Colgate Mattress developed a mask prototype in conjunction with Shepherd Center and accelerated manufacturing efforts to produce about 500 masks per day. The company is committed to continuing its mask development to aid the local healthcare system and to help fill the shortage of PPE for local medical personnel and first responders. 

“We’re grateful for and inspired by local businesses such as Colgate who have pivoted on their own business model to help organizations get the equipment they need,” said Sarah Morrison, PT, MBA, MHA, president and CEO of Shepherd Center. “We know that many organizations are experiencing shortages of PPE, and we’re grateful to Colgate for committing to keeping our patients and staff safe. Community support is always vital, but even moreso during this challenging time.”

Colgate Mattress also continues to manufacture and provide parents with high-quality crib mattresses and accessories. The company has been an industry pioneer, being the first to manufacture polyurethane mattresses, foam crib mattresses and dual-firmness mattresses from its home base in Atlanta, Georgia. 

“We’ve been a part of the Atlanta community for 65 years,” Wolkin said. “Through our mask-making efforts, we’re honored to give back to the community that has given us so much in a small way. “

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5 Tips for Managing Parenthood Overload During Stressful Times

stressed parents trying to work with baby

When daycares and schools close, the mental load of parenthood increases. If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, like millions of other parents out there, this one’s for you. Here are 5 tips for managing parenthood during this stressful time.

Stay home, and stay connected 

Social distancing and “shelter in place” mandates may require us to stay in our homes, but that doesn’t mean we have to completely isolate. It’s important to stay in communication with family, friends and neighbors, as well as find ways to keep calm. Use the phone, text, video chat and email – all means possible – to stay connected to people who matter to you. Especially those who can help provide a sense of calm.

Ask for help

Now is the time to turn toward each other. We are here to help each other out, so avoid being a do-it-yourselfer when you’re not qualified. Reach out to a clear-thinking person to ask what she thinks or what he would do about stockpiling food, taking that road trip, talking to little Suzi about what’s going on with grandpa in the hospital. You may choose not to follow their advice, but it’s always helpful to have another perspective.

Don’t procrastinate about preparing

Anxiety can mount if we postpone or ignore expert counsel. Inaction will make fear grow. If you haven’t done your best to get a couple of extra weeks’ supply of food or medication, do it today. If you feel frozen, ask a buddy to push you to act and help you make wise decisions about how much you need of what.  

Remember to self-care

Now, more than ever, self-care is essential. Slow down, engage in healthy practices and try to continue regular routines that bring comfort and stability. Conversation, exercise and spiritual practices are good starting points. And don’t forget about the healing impacts of making art, singing, journaling and being useful to others. Make a point to find a little peace of mind, even if you start with just one thing.

Place your baby (safely) to sleep, so you can recharge

While your little one sleeps, you will have a little time to refuel your mothering self. Take a hot shower, watch the latest episode of her favorite TV show, or even take an online yoga class. 

Colgate Mattress offers the following advice for baby’s safe sleep:

  • Your baby should sleep on a firm mattress covered with only a tight-fitting crib sheet.
  • Use a wearable blanket or other type sleeper, instead of  blankets, to keep your baby warm and safe during sleep.
  • Crib bumpers, wedges and positioners should never be used in your baby’s sleep area.
  • Do not place any other items in the crib.
  • Always place your baby on his or her back for sleep.

A note from your friends at Colgate Mattress. Do not let fear stop you from acting with clarity, compassion and courage. Unfortunate things happen, but it is still possible to move forward with love and hope.

baby hand washing coronavirus cover-19

Coronavirus – What’s Your Family’s Next Step?

baby hand washing coronavirus cover-19

We know people are worried about the wellness of their family. It’s hard to escape talk of Coronavirus right now. It’s in the news, on TV and in your face when your local store sells out of things like disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer.

As a part of our public service response to COVID-19, we’re sharing the American Academy of Pediatrics’ tips on how to keep your family healthy:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer. Look for one that is 60% or higher alcohol-based.
  • Keep your kids away from others who are sick or keep them home if they are ill.
  • Teach kids to cough and sneeze into a tissue (make sure to throw it away after each use!) or to cough and sneeze into their arm or elbow, not their hands.
  • Clean and disinfect your home as usual using regular household cleaning sprays or wipes.
  • Avoid touching your face; teach your children to do the same.
  • Avoid travel to highly infected areas.

The potential for disruption to daily life is high, but the CDC still says the risk is low and the recommendations for keeping kids safe from coronavirus are just the same as they are during the typical cold and flu season.

To get the latest COVID-19 updates, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics parenting website,

Colgate Mattress Receives JPMA Certification for Safety


Colgate Mattress®, the nation’s oldest family-owned manufacturer of crib mattresses and accessories, is now certified with the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA). Colgate Mattress is the first participant ever welcomed into the JPMA Certification Program in the Full-Size Crib Mattress program.

For over 40 years, JPMA has helped parents feel confident in choosing safe products for their baby. The JPMA Certification Seal signifies a product meets the strictest safety standards in today’s marketplace. To become certified, each product is rigorously tested at an independent laboratory.

As a founding member of JPMA, we’re proud to be recognized alongside other industry leaders in safety that have attained JPMA Certification,” said Dennis Wolkin, Chief Operating Officer. “Since 1955, we’ve set out to provide new moms with the very best quality and safest crib mattresses made in the U.S.” 

While all baby products sold in the U.S. must meet minimum government regulations, only JPMA Certified Products can claim to meet or exceed federal, state, local and national retailer safety requirements as well as a voluntary ASTM International standard created by the industry.  The main purpose of JPMA Certification for consumers is to remove the safety-related guess work from the buying decision and to encourage parents to look for the JPMA Certification Seal as a symbol of quality, safety, performance and functionality.

In keeping safety first, Colgate Mattress products are engineered to provide the ideal firmness for baby’s sleep environment and promote the most peaceful rest possible. Plus, all Colgate Mattress products are hypoallergenic, odorless and GREENGUARD® Gold & CertiPUR-US® certified safe for no harmful emissions. 

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mom valentine gift

What Moms Really Need for Valentine’s Day

mom valentine gift


When you have a baby, Valentine’s Day often turns into a completely different holiday. You used to celebrate by getting dressed up, going out to a nice dinner and laughing over a bottle of wine. Sometimes, you’d even get surprise flowers. 

Now, with a new, cooing family member, life has changed and the way you celebrate should too. A fancy dinner out just isn’t as easy to arrange anymore, plus babysitters are expensive and scarce on Valentine’s Day. 

So why not use this holiday as the perfect excuse to treat you to some self-love? Take some time to step away from work, cleaning, and cooking. Tend to your health – both mental and physical. Do something that truly feeds your soul, because you deserve it.

Here are a few self-care ideas to help you make the most of your self-love day:

Journal for 20 minutes. Write in a free-flowing stream-of-consciousness style. Notice feelings that are just under the surface.

Put on your favorite playlist and have a dance party. Or a crying session. Whichever works best for you at that moment.

Take time to intentionally fill your cup. Read your devotional uninterrupted, call someone you love or make yourself a nice drink like chamomile tea or hot chocolate and sip it slowly.

Schedule at least one uninterrupted hour with a close friend. Go out for coffee or a drink, go out for dinner or go for a walk together.

Make a cozy spot. Create a space or corner in your home just for you and fill it with your favorite things.

Do a short meditation. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, focus on your breath, and say, “All sounds return to the breath, all thoughts return to the breath, all distractions return to the breath.”

Do something you’re going to savor. Taking a shower, doing your nails, walking, or reading a celebrity magazine. “Savor” it instead of just “doing” it.

Delegate two things that you hate doing. Hire a professional cleaner, send off the laundry or order a nice dinner in.

Go somewhere local that you’ve never been before. Explore a new forest preserve, a new park, a new beach, a different library or a conservatory.

Go on a social media kindness spree. Use 20 minutes to post nice comments on people’s social media or through messenger.

Do a social media cleanse. Unfollow those who don’t inspire you or who bring you down.

Buy your favorite flowers. Put them all over the house in vases or pitchers and pause long enough to enjoy them all week.


Celebrating 65 Years of Handcrafting Crib Mattresses with Fun Facts from 1955


In 2020, Colgate Mattress® is celebrating our 65th anniversary as the most trusted crib mattress name for new moms. To commemorate this achievement and company milestone, we thought we would share some fun facts about how far babies have come since Colgate Mattress was founded in 1955, along with more facts about babies that you probably didn’t know!

Fun Baby Facts from 1955

  • The average number of babies per woman of child-bearing age was 5, and now it is 2! 
  • The average stay in a hospital to give birth was 4 days, and now it is around 2 days.
  • The most popular boy name was Michael and the most popular girl name was Mary.
  • In 1955, female babies weighed, on average, 120 grams less at birth than male babies.
  • The heaviest baby ever born was a boy, who weighed 22 pounds, eight ounces – ouch! He was born in Italy in 1955. 
  • Babies born in 1955 are part of the “baby boomers” generation, a strong post-war economy when Americans felt confident they would be able to support larger families.

Fun Family Facts from 1995

  • The average cost of a new house was $10,950, while the average cost of a gallon of gas was 23 cents.
  • Disney released box-office classic, The Lady and the Tramp, to theatres. 
  • The Disneyland resort and theme park, located in Anaheim, California, opened its doors.
  • The TV Remote Control and Microwave Oven were introduced to families.
  • McDonald’s advertised 15-cent hamburgers, 19-cent cheeseburgers, and 10-cent french fries and sodas.
  • The original Mickey Mouse Club television program made its debut on ABC.

25 Fun Baby Facts You Never Knew

  1. Every two seconds, somewhere in the world, a baby is born. 
  2. A baby has 300 separate bones at birth but by adulthood, we have only 206. Why? Because some bones, like the skull, fuse together later.
  3. A newborn baby’s head accounts for about one-quarter of its entire weight. 
  4. Babies are born without kneecaps. However, babies and toddlers, weight for weight, are stronger than an ox, particularly their legs. 
  5. At one year old, a baby will have a foot half the size of their adult size. 
  6. A child doesn’t grow while they have a common cold. 
  7. By the time of birth, a baby’s brain is made up of more than 10 million nerve cells. It’s downhill from here! 
  8. A newborn baby will double its weight by six months and triple it by the end of the first year. If it carried on at that rate, it would weigh more than a thousand pounds by the time it was five. 
  9. The average toddler takes 176 steps a minute…except at bedtime! 
  10. It’s well known that a fetus in the womb can hear, but tests have shown that fetuses respond to sounds just as vigorously as they respond to pressures and internal sensations. 
  11. The largest number of children born to one woman is 69, as recorded in Russia during the 1700s. 
  12. Your baby shares their birthday with at least 9 million other people in the world. 
  13. Babies are born with very poor vision but recognize their mothers almost right away. 
  14. By the end of age two, the average baby has been changed 7,300 times.  
  15. Excluding medical costs, new parents in the U.S. typically spend $7,000 in a baby’s first year on everything from diapers to formula to daycare. 
  16. Children laugh on average 300 times a day, adults only 60. Why that was so hilarious probably only a five-year-old really knows. 
  17. Babies don’t suffer from bad breath because they have no teeth, which collects bacteria. 
  18. Most babies recognize their mothers’ voices when they are born, but take around 14 days to learn to recognize their father’s voice. 
  19. Young babies don’t sweat because their sweat glands are not fully developed. 
  20. A newborn baby focuses best at objects that are 10 inches from its nose – that’s roughly the distance from its mother’s breast to her eyes. 
  21. A baby’s strongest sense is smell and they can recognize their mothers by scent alone. 
  22. Most newborns cry without tears until they are three to six weeks old. 
  23. A new baby usually deprives each of its parents around 350-400 hours of sleep in the first year. That is one entire night’s sleep per week, per parent! 
  24. The first child ever born in Antarctica was born in 1978. 
  25. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed the orders that made Mother’s Day a national holiday!



Fact Sources:

Colgate Mattress Sweeps 2019 Awards

This year Colgate Mattress® connected with more new moms than ever before through special events, blogger giveaways and partnerships with brands you love. On top of those exciting collaborations, we were thrilled to take home four major industry awards. Here’s a roundup of those recognitions. 

Mom’s Choice Award Gold Winner

The Mom’s Choice Awards® evaluates products and services created for children, families, and educators. The program is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services from more than 57 countries.

Colgate’s Eco Spring 2-N-1 Crib Mattress took home the Gold for providing a more natural sleep for your baby. Its high-quality innerspring crib mattress features a dual-firmness design, engineered to provide both the firmness infants need for proper development and the comfort toddlers prefer.

Eco Excellence Awards Nursery Category Winner

Colgate Mattress was honored to be among this year’s select group of Eco Excellence Awards winners. We pride ourselves on eco-friendlier manufacturing practices that are not only good for the planet but also allow us to craft the safest and highest quality crib products possible for your family.

Once again, Colgate’s Eco Spring 2-N-1 won for its eco-friendlier elements. The Eco Spring 2-N-1’s exceptionally sturdy spring unit is surrounded by eco-friendlier foam made with plant oils and coir fiber insulator pads from coconut shell husks. These sustainable component materials are covered with a certified organic cotton cover, which is waterproof backed, tear-resistant, and best of all, ultra-soft on baby’s skin.

“The Twinnies” Best of Gear Award Winner

Colgate Mattress also received the 2019 Twiniversity Best of Gear Award in the crib mattress category! Nearly 1,000 twin parents nominated their favorite products they have used and loved. We were honored to take home the top prize and first runner up.

Twinnie Best Crib Mattress Winner

The Colgate Eco Classica III is an expertly engineered dual-firmness crib mattress, packed with 6” of eco-friendlier foam made with sustainable plant oils. The extra firm side is engineered to provide the firmness infants need for proper support and development, while the less firm side provides – when the time comes — the comfort toddlers prefer. This is all wrapped snugly inside an ultra-soft, waterproof, certified organic cotton cover.

Twinnie Best Crib Mattress Runner Up

The zenBaby™ Hybrid 2-in-1 is a versatile, dual-firmness, infant-to-toddler transition crib mattress. The infant side features an extra-firm eco foam made with plant oils and coated with KulKote® for optimal temperature regulation and comfort. The toddler side features durable and supportive microcoils for added pressure relief, breathability and posture support.

Baby & Children’s Product News Readers Favorite

Colgate Mattress also received the 2019 Baby & Children’s Product News Readers Favorite Award! Each year, magazine readers are asked to name their favorite sources for a variety of baby products ranging from apparel to cribs and from baby baths to mattresses. They select their favorites based on their own experience and knowledge, instead of from a provided list. This award is especially humbling because the vote of confidence came from our amazing retail partners who know crib mattresses inside and out! 

What’s Up Next

In 2020, Colgate Mattress will celebrate its 65th Anniversary as a third-generation, family-owned and operated company that handcrafts the highest quality crib mattresses. We produce crib mattresses that our own kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids have slept on and approve!

We care deeply about the proper development and safety of your child and stand behind every product we make. That’s just how we do business. Thank you for continuing to support our mission and best wishes for a joyous year ahead!

Colgate Mattress Supports Atlanta Furniture Bank’s Mission to Turn Houses into Homes

Colgate Mattress loves to support organizations that are making great strides to help families provide a safer sleep environment for children. That’s why we proudly sponsor the Furniture Bank Race for Rest. In its ninth year, the Race for Rest is an annual fundraiser that benefits The Furniture Bank, the only agency in metro Atlanta whose mission is to provide free furniture to families in need.

The Furniture Bank was founded in 1988 in response to the lack of furniture for families moving out of homeless shelters. Today, they recycle gently-used furniture by collecting it from the community and giving it to individuals and families moving out of homelessness and fleeing domestic violence, as well as countless others struggling to make ends meet. 

Furniture is essential to a person’s physical and emotional well-being. This year’s race raised $41,131 for Atlanta families transitioning out of homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, and living with HIV/AIDs.

What does $41,131 mean to the Atlanta Furniture Bank?

  • 652 twin beds for children or
  • 100 fully-furnished homes or
  • 357 forklift certification scholarships for previously homeless veterans

What Makes a House a Home?

No one should have to walk through the door after a long day at work or school to cold, empty rooms… no couch to sit on, no table to eat at, and no beds to sleep in.

Furniture Bank clients have worked hard to overcome homelessness and financial hardships. They have often spent all of their limited resources on first month’s rent and have no money left to purchase furniture.

This is where the Furniture Bank steps in. Their Making a House a Home Program provides essential household furniture to individuals and families who would otherwise be without.

Clients are given individual appointments in which they are able to select all the furniture they need including beds, dressers, couches, tables, and chairs. With the Furniture Bank’s help, families are able to make a fresh start in their new apartments, now warmly furnished and welcoming.

To learn more or volunteer, visit

Ask The Crib Mattress Specialist: Why doesn’t Colgate offer an organic mattress?

Colgate Mattress™️ created the “Ask the Crib Mattress Specialist” series in response to frequently asked questions from our valued customers. Through this blog series, we hope sharing our thoughts on these topics will help you better understand why we handcraft our products with your baby in mind using the highest industry standards.

If you have a question you’d like included in the series, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected]

Question: Hello, Crib Mattress Specialists! 

I know and trust the Colgate Mattress name — in fact, it’s the brand most recommended to me by friends, family and even Google. But I really want to make sure my baby’s crib mattress is organic and you don’t seem to have an organic crib mattress offering? Why is that? 

– Curious Caroline


Hello, Caroline! Thank you for your question.

The term “organic” is frequently used across different industries to describe various types of products — ranging from foods to cleaning products to bedding and everything in between. But such common usage of the term can make it difficult to discern when items truly are in fact organic (meaning certified by an industry authority) and when they’re not.

Additionally, there isn’t one universal “clearinghouse” across all industries that sets the standard for when and how the term can be used. And so “organic” can be defined differently depending on the product — and at the discretion of the manufacturer.

The Global Organic Textile Standard provides certification for products such as sheets and mattresses. However, it’s still common for some manufacturer and retailers to set their own standards for what they’ll sell with an organic label.

For example, some manufacturers call a mattress organic even if only one component is organic. Colgate does not consider a mattress organic unless the entire product and all of its components are organic. If we use an organic cotton cover on a foam mattress, for example, we will say that the cover is organic but will not call the entire mattress organic.

“Last we checked, there’s no such thing as organic metal innersprings or organic foam. We choose to call our natural products “eco-friendlier” in order to be transparent with our customers,” says Dennis, Colgate’s Crib Mattress Expert.

Here at Colgate, integrity is paramount. So, while some manufacturers use the term “organic” generously in their marketing, we choose to be more judicious with how and when we do so. As a family-owned and operated business for three generations, we take exception when companies intentionally mislead consumers and market products that aren’t truly organic — that’s an ethical line we don’t cross. We proudly handcraft all of our mattresses here in the USA using the highest quality components.

Learn more about all of our products here.

You Voted & We Won The 2019 Eco Excellence Awards

eco excellence winner

Colgate Mattress is honored to be among this year’s select group of Eco Excellence Awards winners. We pride ourselves on eco-friendlier manufacturing practices that are not only good for the planet, but also allow us to craft the safest and highest quality crib products possible for your family.

Nursery Category Winner’s Circle

The winning Eco Spring 2-N-1 was designed to bring more natural sleep to your baby. It’s high-quality innerspring crib mattress features a dual-firmness design, engineered to provide both the firmness infants need for proper development and the comfort toddlers prefer.

The Eco Spring 2-N-1’s exceptionally sturdy spring unit is surrounded by eco-friendlier foam made with plant oils and coir fiber insulator pads from coconut shell husks. These sustainable component materials are covered with a certified organic cotton cover, which is waterproof backed, tear-resistant, and best of all, ultra-soft on baby’s skin.


About the Awards

The awards, sponsored by Natural Child World (NCW) Magazine and now in their 9th year, recognize excellence in social and environmental sustainability for products, services, companies and websites across the whole foods, health and wellness industries. This year, over 500 products were reviewed, 1 Million + unique visitors, and over 350,000 fans voted!

NCW Magazine has been a champion of sustainability and social responsibility for nearly a decade, supporting companies and people committed to finding healthier and smarter ways to for children to thrive. NCW Magazine is part of the Natural Child World platform that serves as a voice for companies who are making smart choices in how they interact with the world and a support forum for parents in making better and more informed purchasing decisions.


The Eco-Conscious Crib Mattress Company

Colgate recognizes that we have a responsibility not only to parents to produce eco-friendly products, but also a responsibility to our community and planet to continually look for ways to be a more eco-conscious manufacturer. Colgate has a longstanding history of innovation, including introducing the first foam crib mattress made from sustainable plant-based oils. We continue to design & manufacture award-winning crib mattresses that are safest for baby.

For more details about the award-winning Eco Spring 2-N-1 Crib Mattress, CLICK HERE.