Crib Mattress: A Must Have Baby Registry Pick

There is nothing more valuable to a parent than peace of mind, so when it comes to adding products to your registry, the top product pick to consider should always be the crib mattress. Why the crib mattress? Not only will your baby spend 70% of his or her time sleeping during that first year, but the crib has to be a safe and soothing place for baby to rest, play, grow and learn. 


At Colgate Mattress®, we believe your baby’s nursery needs to include a quality, handcrafted product. For over 65 years, we have provided babies with the most restful and safest night’s sleep. Who better to trust your family to than a third generation, family-owned and operated company. 


There are many reasons that a crib mattress is a must have baby registry pick for your little one. Our mattresses are made right here in the USA with the finest materials to give parents peace of mind, and are also designed to enhance your baby’s growth and development. 


Colgate also keeps parents in mind and wants to make your life a little easier – so we designed our mattresses with the utmost attention to form and function. As a pioneer in crib-mattress making, Colgate was the first to create lightweight mattresses, which makes lifting the mattress to change the sheets a much easier task.


Colgate mattresses are cleverly designed to accommodate baby as he or she transitions to the toddler phase with a simple flip of the mattress. Our mattresses are crafted so that one side is firm and supportive for infants, while the other side is less firm for toddler comfort. We prioritize safe sleep at all ages.


For the eco-conscious parent, Colgate has always chosen to use non-toxic barrier fabrics instead of harsh fire retardant chemicals to give parents peace of mind while not only meeting, but exceeding federal flammability standards. Colgate takes your baby’s safety incredibly seriously and we are the first mattress company to use natural coir fiber made from coconuts shell husks. And, you can rest easy knowing that all of Colgate’s crib mattresses carry the Greenguard GOLD certification.


We also have a full line of accessories to help keep your baby calm and safe, including bassinet mattresses, organic crib mattress covers, and contoured changing pads complete with natural changing pad covers, too. Colgate products are designed with rich and natural textures to provide your baby with a calming and cozy environment. 


With Colgate Mattresses, quality and function strike a harmonious balance to help baby sleep safely and peacefully, all while providing parents with peace of mind.


Teaching Kids the Meaning of Thanksgiving 

The fourth Thursday in November is one of the best days of the year. Thanksgiving has all the elements of the perfect holiday — you get to eat delicious food and don’t even have to leave the house if your family is hosting.

Every family has their own unique traditions, but giving thanks while enjoying classic dishes like roast turkey and pumpkin pie are some of our favorites. But before you pull up to the table to enjoy your feast, consider the opportunity this day presents to teach children about the important values of Thanksgiving, such as gratitude, health and family.

Here are five tips to teach important Thanksgiving lessons during the holiday:

  1. Let kids help make Thanksgiving wonderful. Whether you’re together or creating colorful paper turkeys, involving kids in the preparation or an activity is a great way to enjoy family holiday time. Don’t worry if the napkins aren’t perfectly set on the table or the potatoes have a lump or two — the experience of making warm Thanksgiving memories is worth it.
  2. Share family traditions and passed down stories. If your celebration involves multiple generations or multiple families, talk about traditions and your own childhoods. Stories about the good old days teach children about life and history.
  3. Talk about your Thanksgiving feast. Explain to children where food comes from and how it was prepared. Everyone can share what their favorite food is and why.
  4. Express thankfulness. Focus on the things you are grateful for by asking everyone at the table to say what they are most thankful for, and make a list to hang on the refrigerator or another place in your home to reread throughout the holiday season. 
  5. Share and donate. Thanksgiving is a celebration of abundance and giving. Develop a tradition of giving to those who have less and involve children in contributing to a food shelter or other charities. This helps kids to be thankful for what they have. They also learn the importance and selfless rewards of helping others.


Most importantly, have fun and spread love this Thanksgiving. Enjoying one another is the top priority on Thanksgiving.


From Our Family To Yours Since 1955

Colgate Mattress is a third generation, family-owned business with a long heritage of crafting quality crib mattresses. We care deeply about the safety of your baby and stand behind every product we make. 

We are most thankful for our loyal customers that continue to support our mission and look forward to serving our parent community for years to come.


From our family to yours, however you spend your day, we hope you have a safe, healthy and delicious Thanksgiving. 


6 Tips To Ensure Baby Has A Restful Sleep

Starting at 3 months of age, many babies (thankfully!) start sleeping for longer stretches at night, although this varies from infant to infant. According to Stanford’s Children Health, two-thirds of babies are able to sleep through much of the night by the six-month mark. 

Babies who follow a consistent bedtime routine go to sleep easier and sleep better throughout the night. Bedtime routines reinforce babies’ natural circadian rhythms, helping teach them the difference between day and night. Later on, a bedtime routine helps little ones to slow down and prepare mentally for bedtime.


To help set new parents up for bedtime success, we’ve gathered six top sleep tips to ensure baby’s routine is smooth and effective. 


    1. Follow a calming bedtime routine. Overstimulation in the evening can make it difficult for your baby to settle to sleep. Play active games during the day and quiet, peaceful games in the evening, especially toward the end of the routine. Many babies enjoy bathing right before bedtime, which calms them down. Keep activities the same and in the same order, night after night.
    2. Put baby to bed drowsy, but awake. This will help them associate bed with the process of falling asleep. Remember to place your baby to sleep on his or her back, and clear the crib or bassinet of blankets and other soft, loose items.
    3. Give baby time to settle down. Save baby’s favorite activity for last, and do it in their bedroom. This will help them look forward to bedtime and associate their sleep space with things they like to do. Be peaceful, especially toward the end of the routine. 
    4. Offer a pacifier. If your baby has trouble settling down, a pacifier might do the trick. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that using a pacifier during sleep helps reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). If the pacifier falls out after your baby falls asleep, you don’t have to put it back in.
    5. Keep nighttime care low-key. Make nighttime conditions in your baby’s bedroom consistent. When they wake up in the middle of the night, the sounds and lights in the room should be the same as when they fell asleep. If your baby needs care or feeding during the night, use dim lights, a soft voice and calm movements. This will let them know it’s time to sleep, not play.
    6. Help baby learn how to self-soothe. Ideally, you want your baby to learn how to fall asleep in their crib on their own. This means not picking up your little one every time he or she fusses. If your baby starts to cry, you can gently pat or rub their tummy and speak softly to him or her. Giving babies some time to comfort themselves so they can fall back asleep on their own can establish good sleeping habits, which helps you get a good night’s rest too. 


Middle-of-the-night feedings are unavoidable and sure to disrupt sound sleep, for both babies and parents, the first few months. As little ones grow, they will start to sleep in longer stretches. And as your baby sleeps longer, the benefits of having an established rhythm and a baby who knows how to fall asleep at bedtime and nap times, and fall back asleep when awoken, is priceless. Then, the phrase “sleep like a baby” takes on a whole new meaning!

colgate crib mattress box in a baby nursery

Choosing the Safest Crib Mattress: The Complete Buying Guide For Parents

colgate crib mattress box in a baby nursery

A quality crib mattress plays an important role in ensuring that your baby sleeps safely and soundly.

As parents, we will do anything to protect and bring comfort to our new bundle of joy. A quality crib mattress not only makes bedtime something to look forward to, but it also ensures safety while sleeping.

Colgate Mattress® has been family-owned and operated for over 65 years and we know that selecting your baby’s first mattress can be an overwhelming task. That’s why we pride ourselves on helping you understand the differences between mattresses and what features are most important. Take a look at these important tips as you begin to determine how to choose a crib mattress that is just right for your little one.

Why is crib mattress safety so important?

The crib mattress is where the majority of your baby’s  growth and development will occur in the critical early years. In fact, baby will spend up to 70% of their time on the crib mattress – and a toddler, up to 50% of their time. So, it’s extremely important to ensure that they’re sleeping on a quality mattress made from superior components that meet all federal government regulations.


What should parents look for when shopping for a crib mattress?

Examine the Label

A great place to start is the label. Manufacturers are required by law to reveal what a mattress is made of. Don’t buy a mattress from a manufacturer or retailer that doesn’t tell you this information through the label, online specifications or in-store displays. In fact, you should be able to find out the components of each individual layer, from cover to cover. To ensure the absence of harmful chemicals, look for GREENGUARDTM and CertiPUR-US® certifications. All Colgate products not only meet, but exceed federal and state flammability standards


Look for a Firm Mattress

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends a crib with a firm crib mattress as a safe sleep environment for infants. So whether you’re searching for a foam or innerspring mattress, look for firmness. For both types of mattresses, the general rule is: the firmer, the better. Newborns develop rapidly over the first two years, which is why you need to find a mattress designed specifically to cater to an infant’s growth. A firm and flat mattress base provides the resistance necessary for developing and strengthening muscles as an infant begins to push up, turn and eventually stand in the crib. 


You Can’t Tell a Mattress by its Cover

With a mattress, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Understanding the different components inside the mattress is essential for your baby’s safety and comfort. For instance, are there any cushioning layers? What materials are used? Is there a flammability barrier? Is there waterproof backing? There’s much more to a mattress than just a cute cover. Consider an all-natural option, like the Colgate Natural I, created for the parent wanting a mattress for their baby that is made with 100% non-synthetic components for the healthiest and most comfortable sleep environment possible.  


Get the Right Crib Mattress Size

Make sure the mattress will fit snugly inside the crib. This means there shouldn’t be any gaps in-between the mattress and the corners or sides of the crib. The goal is to have the crib mattress fit either very snug or moderately snug in the crib. A good rule of thumb is that no more than two fingers of space should exist between the side of the mattress and the crib frame. Any more than that, the crib mattress is too small and could be a suffocation and entrapment hazard.


Buy New

If possible, buy a new crib mattress. Not only does it ensure the mattress is sanitary, but you also won’t have to worry about how it was previously used or stored. One exception to the rule: if you buy a new mattress for your first child, keep it clean and store it in a clean, dry environment (consider Colgate’s storage bag) – then you can use it for your next child.


What should be placed on top of the crib mattress?

Once you choose your mattress and put it in your crib, it should be covered with a fitted sheet only — no blankets, pillows, stuffed animals and bumpers which increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old. Although the causes of death in many of these infants cannot be explained, statistics show that as many as 80-90 percent are the result of unsafe sleep practices. 

Our DREAM SAFE campaign educates caregivers about lifesaving sleep practices.


DREAM SAFE Sleep Practices:

D ~ DO place baby on her back to sleep. Always place your baby on his or her back to sleep, for naps and at night.

R ~ REMEMBER a firm crib mattress is always best. Firmness aids in development of baby’s muscles and bones. Soft beds naturally give and contour which can impede a baby’s breathing and trap heat, which can also be dangerous.

E ~ ELIMINATE clutter. Do not put anything soft, loose or fluffy in your baby’s sleep space. Only a fitted sheet, mattress pad or waterproof pad should be used under baby.

A ~ ALWAYS place baby in the crib to sleep. Never place your baby to sleep on top of any soft surface. This includes adult beds, couches, pillows, cushions, comforters and sheepskins.

M ~ MONITOR air flow and temperature. Make sure your baby doesn’t get too warm during sleep. Use lightweight sleep clothing and keep room temperature at what would be comfortable for a lightly-clothed adult. For newborns, consider swaddling.


Bringing home a new baby can feel overwhelming, but by integrating these safe sleep habits, you will help ensure the safety of your baby every time they rest. It is important to ensure that everyone who cares for a baby is following safe sleep guidance and has access to a healthcare provider if questions arise.


For more safe sleep tips, please visit the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association’s Safe Sleep Center.

Traveling with Babies & Children During COVID-19 

There was a point, soon after the coronavirus pandemic first hit America, when we all probably wondered if we’d ever travel again. As the months went by, the desire to get out and explore has only grown and many people are reconsidering what’s possible in terms of safely traveling and vacationing this year. While safety is still paramount, parents also have to consider their own sanity and what memories they can still make during this unprecedented time.

Parents across the country want to travel, connect with friends and family and have adventures; however, they are questioning whether travel can be safely done with kids right now. Making travel plans seems even more complicated than ever.  Flying with babies and children is  already a stressful experience, and the additional COVID-19 safety precautions now give travelers even more to think about.

To help, we’ve gathered answers to some general FAQs so you can decide whether you should be making or canceling flights for your family. 

  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to advise against nonessential travel, noting that “travel increases the chance of getting and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.” Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others.
  • On January 12, 2021 the CDC issued an order for all international travelers – as well as Americans traveling abroad – to test negative for COVID-19 before entering the U.S. The new rule went into effect on January 26, 2021. 
  • Additionally, President Joe Biden signed an executive order mandating masks in airports and on planes, trains, ships and intercity buses.
  • There are more ways to prevent transmission when traveling by plane. Use alcohol-based sanitizer or disinfectant wipes on items other people have touched, such as tray tables and armrests.
  • The CDC also recommends people age 2 and older should wear masks in public settings and when around people who don’t live in their household. If your little one is under 2 years old, the CDC says he or she should not wear a face mask because it could be a choking hazard.
  • Some states continue to impose quarantine or testing restrictions for travelers, especially travelers from states that are currently experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.
  • However, one of the most important things remains maintaining proper hand hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and water – especially before eating and touching your face. Make sure children scrub for at least 20 seconds, rinse with water and thoroughly dry with a clean paper towel.


Public health experts agree that while there’s no such thing as a “risk-free trip” during the pandemic, these are ways to significantly reduce your family’s risk of getting sick.

The Bottom Line


The good news is that you don’t have to cancel your plans. You can make travel with kids a reality during the pandemic. However, social distancing is still highly recommended to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Every parent knows that might be a little tricky on an airplane or in an airport. At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you and your family. Experts recommend staying home right now whenever possible but if you do travel, we hope these safety suggestions help you and your family stay safer and travel smarter.


30 Unique Baby Names Perfect For 2021

Big congrats – you’re having a baby! Or perhaps you’re hoping to be pregnant soon and are browsing names for your bundle-of-joy-to-be. So, what’s in a name, anyway? A whole heck of a lot if you ask us! 

Naming your baby is harder than you might imagine. Will your partner agree with your top pick? What strong opinions do your parents have on the subject? What about the perfect combination that leaves you with less than stellar initials, like “RAT”, “DUM” or “IDK”. 

To help you navigate this important decision, we’ve curated a list of 30 unique baby names that have an element of magic to them for the year ahead. The names listed below can work for any baby, regardless of gender.

  1. Asher – Inspirational in more ways than one, this Hebrew name means “fortunate, happy one.”
  2. August – Derived from the Latin word for “great, magnificent.”
  3. Aydin – This is a clear contender, meaning “enlightened, bright, clear” in Turkish.
  4. Boone – This name of French origin means “good, blessing.”
  5. Brodie – “Little ridge,” is typically a geographic Scottish surname.
  6. Chaim – When bringing life into the world, consider this Hebrew name that actually means “life.”
  7. Coen – A Germanic variant on the Dutch name Conrad. Its meaning is “bold advisor.”
  8. Darwin – The name means “dear friend” … so sweet! 
  9. Davian – A modern take on David, meaning “beloved.”
  10. Emmett – “Universal” or “truth,” a name adopted from the feminine Germanic Emma.
  11. Gage – A French name meaning “oath, pledge.”
  12. Gatlin – Of English origin, meaning “companion.”
  13. Genesis – What better term for a brand new life than “the beginning?” This name has been growing on both the boy and girl charts!
  14. Holden – This option meaning “kindly, gracious” is well-recognized, but isn’t over-saturated in our society.
  15. Jair – Hebrew for “he shines.” We love it!
  16. Jasper – Babies bring so much joy to families, and this Persian moniker is accurately described as “bringer of treasure.”
  17. Kadence Related to the Latin name Cadence, this means “with rhythm.”
  18. Kai – Hawaiian origin, meaning “sea.” Great choice for parents who feel at home at the beach!
  19. Landry – A natural leader. This name of Anglo-Saxon origin translates “ruler.”
  20. Leif – A male name of Scandinavian origin, meaning “heir.”
  21. Leland – This name of English origin means “meadow land.”
  22. Lyle – An English name representing “the island.”
  23. Maxton – This name of Latin origin means “greatest.”
  24. Merrick – This name means “fame, power.”
  25. Nova – The Latin take on this name is “new,” and is used for both boys and girls.
  26. Rocco – Meaning “rest,” we’re hoping that will also mean baby will be a good sleeper!
  27. Rowan – A rowan tree produces small red berries, and the name as an Irish last name means “little redhead.”
  28. Ryker – This name of German origin means “rich.”
  29. Silas – “Of the forest,” which pretty much means your baby will love the great outdoors!
  30. Zyaire – An African name meaning “river.”


Pitfalls to watch for when naming your baby

Unsavory initials

As we mentioned, August Sara Smith is a perfectly lovely name until you notice the initials. Whether you want to let initials stop you from using a name is your choice, but by checking them out first, you’ll avoid any rude awakenings later. Also, don’t overlook monograms, in which the last initial is flanked by the first and middle initials. 

Sibling name pairings

If your baby is going to have an older sibling, or two, try this exercise. Say your baby’s potential name together with your other children’s names: “Rowan and Ricky, time for bed!” If the combination has a nice ring to it, great. If not, then you might have some thinking to do. You’ll be saying their names together … a lot! 

Hidden Meanings 

Not all names have beautiful meanings, so this is another important thing to research. Luckily, it’s easy to find name meanings at Take a look before you set your name choice in stone.

Final advice

Don’t let the potential pitfalls freeze you into indecision. What’s important is that you, and your partner, love the name. We are seeing more and more unique names every year, so choose the name you want. After all, it’s your baby!

New Year Crib Safety Checklist For Parents

Becoming a new parent is a blessing in so many ways. Along with all of the amazing first moments, there are also challenges, such as keeping baby out of harm’s way. As 2021 brings new opportunities and refreshed priorities, let one of your resolutions be to keep your little one as safe as possible in their crib. 


Your baby will often be unattended when in his or her crib, so this should be a completely safe environment. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a healthy baby less than a year old. SIDS is sometimes known as crib death because the infants often die in their cribs. In 80 percent of these cases, babies were either sleeping in an adult bed or in their crib/bassinet with pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, fluffy bumpers or loose clothing. 


With COVID-19 unfortunately being so widespread, it is one more potential stressor for babies and parents. So Colgate Mattress wants to lighten your load a bit by helping you make sure infants have the safest sleep environment possible. We encourage you to follow the below checklist from the Safe Sleep Guidelines developed by The American Academy of Pediatrics: 


Back To Sleep For Every Sleep

  • Infants should be placed for sleep in a supine position (wholly on the back) for every sleep by every caregiver until the child reaches 1 year of age.  
  • Side sleeping is not safe and is not advised. 
  • Skin-to-Skin is care is recommended for all mothers and newborns, regardless of feeding or delivery method, immediately following birth (as soon as the mother is medically stable and awake) for at least an hour. Thereafter, or when the mother needs to sleep or take care of other needs, infants should be placed supine in a bassinet. 


Use A Firm Sleep Surface

  • Infants should be placed on a firm sleep surface (eg, mattress in a safety-approved crib) covered by a fitted sheet with no other bedding or soft objects to reduce the risk of SIDS and suffocation. 
  • Infants should never be left to sleep on sofas, armchairs or in sitting devices. 
  • Soft bedding remains a risk for infants older than 4 months 


Keep Soft Objects And Loose Bedding Away From The Infant’s Sleep Area 

  • Soft objects such as pillows and pillow-like toys, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, and loose bedding can obstruct an infant’s nose and mouth.  
  • Infant sleep clothing is preferable to blankets and other coverings to keep the infant warm 
  • Bumper pads are similar products that attach to crib slats or sides are not recommended for infants. 
  • A large percentage of infants who die of SIDS are found with their head covered by bedding. Therefore, no pillows, sheets, blankets, or any other items that could obstruct infant breathing or cause overheating should be in the bed. 


Room Share Without Bed Sharing

  • Infants should sleep in the parents’ room, close to the parents’ bed, but on a separate surface (room sharing). The infant’s crib, portable crib, play yard or bassinet should be placed in the parent’s bedroom for at least 6 months, but preferably a year. 
  • Even though it is not recommended that infants sleep on the same surface as the parents, there are times when parents may fall asleep while feeding their infant. Evidence suggests that it is less hazardous to fall asleep with the infant in the adult bed than on a sofa or armchair, should the parent fall asleep.  
  • Because there is evidence that the risk of bedsharing is higher with longer duration, if the parent falls asleep while feeding the infant in bed, the infant should be placed back on a separate sleep surface as soon as the parent awakens. 


Explore more recommendations and relevant resources to create a safe sleep environment for your baby at The American Academy of Pediatrics’ website.

Colgate Mattress Highlights from 2018

2018 was an exciting year for Colgate Mattress. We collaborated with bloggers on giveaways, attended several national baby events and received recognition for our innovative products. Here is a round up of some of the top the highlights.

Innovation Award Winner


Colgate’s zenBaby Hybrid 2-n-1 Crib Mattress won the 2018 JPMA Innovation Award in the Nursery Category! We are beyond thrilled with this honor and are excited to share this innovative product with you.

One of our favorite parts of their Annual Baby Show was getting to spend time with customers looking for the perfect mattress for their nursery. We love educating families on the importance of purchasing a good crib mattress for baby. With an infant, the mattress is more than a sleeping surface, it is essentially their growth and developmental center. Learn more about the importance of a firm mattress.


Disney Star Christy Carlson Romano Chooses Colgate Once Again


Christy, known for her role on the Disney Channel’s Even Stevens and Kim Possible series, and husband Brendan Rooney are expecting their second child in late February and have once again selected Colgate Mattress for its advanced temperature optimization to help their baby sleep best!

“We’re honored that Christy has chosen our products for both of her pregnancies to create a tranquil and secure place for her little ones to rest,” said Colgate Mattress President Alan Wolkin. “We strive to provide all new parents with the very best quality crib mattresses made in the USA through the highest level of design, technology and safety standards.”

Soothe Massage Giveaway

Moms only get one official day of the year, but we wanted to extend this celebration to an extraordinary spa experience for one lucky lady! That’s why Colgate Mattress rolled out the red carpet in honor of Mother’s Day with our Ultimate Zen Giveaway.

One lucky winner received an elegant floral bouquet delivery and a $200 gift card from Soothe – an in home massage service that conveniently comes to you. Perfect for the busy mom, a much needed and well-deserved day of relaxation! And doesn’t everyone deserve a little zen?

Baby Maternity Cover

Colgate was featured on the cover of the July 2018 Baby Maternity Magazine with our newest collection of crib mattresses – The zenBaby Collection – featuring exclusive KulKote® technology. The groundbreaking water-based temperature-regulating technology that helps create a tranquil and secure, zen-like environment for baby to relax and sleep best.

TV Actress Katrina Law Endorses Colgate Mattress


It means the world to us to receive such a genuine endorsement from Katrina Law! Nesting at full throttle, she was thrilled to share the news of her Colgate Mattress delivery with followers.

“For the people who have been asking, I picked the Colgate Eco Classica III mattress for lots of reason. It’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, light weight, dual sided, and ranks super high on just about every BEST MATTRESS review out there including, and is GREENGUARD GOLD CERTIFIED. So of course, Odin and I had to test it out to make sure it lived up to the hype…it did. And now we are super jealous of Baby Girl’s bed.”


Best of Year 2018 Award Winner

We’re thrilled to be an official recipient of the Best of Year 2018 Award by, a part of USA TODAY Tech – the most comprehensive source for unbiased, trustworthy and lab-tested reviews! editors named the Colgate Eco Classica III “Best Crib Mattress” in the Parenting Products category.


Blogger Reviews

Colgate products received high marks from several well known bloggers and publications. CLICK HERE to read the reviews we are most proud of.

Gift of 'Zen’ Mother's Day

Colgate Mattress Wants to Give Mom the Ultimate Gift of ‘Zen’ this Mother’s Day

Moms only get one official day of the year, but we want to extend this celebration to an extraordinary spa experience for one lucky lady! Colgate Mattress is excited to roll out the red carpet with our Ultimate Zen Giveaway, providing a little pampering and special treatment just for you.

The Ultimate Zen

Valued at $200, the giveaway will include an elegant floral bouquet delivery and a gift card from Soothe – an in home massage service that conveniently comes to you. Envision a vetted massage therapist arriving with a massage table, sheets, lotions, essential oils and music. Perfect for the busy mom, it’s time for some much needed and well-deserved relaxation!

The Ultimate Zen Giveaway is part of the award-winning Colgate Mattress zenBaby™ Collection. The patented mattresses feature breakthrough temperature regulating technology to keep baby comfortable, centered and peaceful throughout the night.

Gift of 'Zen’ Mother's Day

As part of Colgate’s revolutionary zenBaby™ Collection, the Hybrid 2-in-1 crib mattress boasts an infant side with extra-firm eco foam made using plant-based oils with a safe, water-based layer for optimal temperature regulation. The toddler side features durable and supportive pocketed microcoils for added pressure relief, breathability and posture support. Plus, it’s wrapped in a soft, organic cotton cover to maximize comfort.

Award Winner

In March, the zenBaby Hybrid 2-in-1 crib mattress was named a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association 2018 Innovation Award Winner in Washington, D.C. during their Annual Baby Show. The zenBaby™ Collection also includes a 2-Stage and Portable Crib Mattress – all made in the USA.

In keeping safety first, the zenBaby™ Collection is engineered to provide the ideal firmness for baby’s sleep environment. Plus, all Colgate products are GREENGUARD® Gold certified and meet CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions and durability.

Hello tranquility and peace of mind. Because everybody deserves a little zen.

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Celebrity Designer Anitra Mecadon Goes Behind-the-Scenes with Colgate Mattress on New Episode of “Diaper Pad”

Diaper Pad

TV personality and award-winning interior designer Anitra Mecadon takes moms-to-be on a fun and informative journey to buying a safe, eco-friendly crib mattress on the next episode of her digital series “Diaper Pad.” During the episode, Mecadon and husband, Adam Bret, visit the nation’s oldest family owned crib mattress maker, Colgate Mattress. Whether viewers are first-time parents, grandparents or caregivers, Diaper Pad offers honest, straightforward advice in Anitra’s signature approachable style.

DIAPER PAD "What is your Baby sleeping on?"

Brand New #DIAPERPAD "What is your #Baby sleeping on?" We've been shopping for the best crib, crib mattresses and baby #nursery furniture and we got invited to tour the Colgate Kids Colgate Mattress factory in Atlanta to get the inside scoop!!Happy Mango#babybump #pregnancy #momtobe #parenting #diaperpad #babynursery #homeimprovement #colgatekids #healthyliving #babysafetymonth

Posted by Anitra Mecadon on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What Is Your Baby Sleeping On?

When Anitra and Adam discovered they were expecting, they decided to purchase a new mattress for their bedroom. Frustrated by the process and endless options, the two were inspired to shop early for a crib mattress that met their strict requirements for safety, health, and comfort. Following a visit to the eco-friendly baby boutique, Happy Mango, the couple decided to check out the EverTrue™ Diamond, Colgate’s top of the line dual firmness foam crib mattress.

“If you think shopping for an adult mattress can be overwhelming, just wait until you start exploring options for your baby. I wanted to help new parents sort through the junk and make decisions that they can feel confident about,” Mecadon said. “I think every mom wants her baby to sleep safe and sound. Plus, when baby sleeps, mama sleeps… a great crib mattress is key!”

This episode of Diaper Pad offers a behind-the-scenes look at Colgate’s Atlanta-based factory, where crib mattresses are constructed by hand. While there, Anitra details her list of preferences in a conversation with Colgate’s marketing director, Terri Paul. The top three must-haves included:

Safety first – As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Anitra’s first necessity was a firm sleep surface. The Diamond’s unique design provides the extra firmness infants need for proper growth and development on one side as well as the added comfort toddlers prefer on the other.

No exposure to chemicals – The Diamond features plant-oil infused eco foam and ultrasonically welded side seams. This mattress also meets and exceeds all federal and state requirements for flammability and chemical composition and has earned the GREENGUARD® Gold and Certi-PurUS® certifications ensuring no harmful air emissions.

Optimal airflow – To provide unprecedented airflow, the Diamond combines Colgate’s Diamond channel gel memory foam with its exclusive SecureCore honeycomb mesh fabric spacer. The crib mattress also brings the power of Celliant® — the world’s first biologically responsive fabric — to crib mattresses to help baby sleep better. Frequently used in high-performance athletic gear, this innovative material is designed to increase circulation and improve the level of oxygen in the body. As an added benefit, the Celliant infused cover has no chemical flame retardants that could be harmful to baby.

“Anitra really did her homework before challenging us to demonstrate how the EverTrue Diamond meets all of her needs as a concerned mom-to-be,” said Paul. “At Colgate, we want every caregiver to know how important the crib mattress is throughout growth and development. And as the mother of four, it’s an honor to share info that helps Anitra and Adam prepare for their baby’s arrival.”

“New dads can sometimes be removed from the process of preparing the nursery, especially things like buying a crib mattress,” added Adam Bret. “But when you consider that infants can spend up to 16 hours a day sleeping, then add to that the value of your own peace of mind, this is one investment that certainly pays off.”

EverTrue Diamond

Sold exclusively at dedicated and knowledgeable specialty store partners, including Brixy member stores, the EverTrue™ Diamond is a lightweight, 6” thick foam crib mattress. Made in the US, the Diamond fits all standard size American cribs and toddler beds. Suggested MSRP is $349.99

About Anitra Mecadon & ‘Diaper Pad”

Anitra Mecadon is a celebrity designer and home improvement TV star. She has starred in 5 seasons of the DIY Network’s hit series Mega Dens and numerous other TV shows for DIY and HGTV such as: HGTV’s All American Handyman, Esquire Magazine’s Ultimate Bachelor Pad, HGTV’s Behind the Build Dream House, HGTV’s Behind the Build Smart Home, HGTV’s Raise the Roof College Challenge, and more. In her 15 years as an interior designer, Anitra has also created amazing residential and commercial designs.

“Diaper Pad” chronicles the life and times of Mecadon and her husband, music producer Adam Bret, as they navigate the world of having children and designing the ultimate baby nursery/kids rooms. For more Diaper Pad, click here to subscribe.