Colgate Launches breathe-flex Fully Breathable Crib Mattress

After years of research and development, Colgate Mattress Company, the oldest family-owned crib mattress manufacturer in the US, is proud to introduce breathe-flex™. The first crib mattress of its kind, the new breathe-flex marries technical engineering with practicality and safe design to create a healthier sleep environment for baby. Now available at select retailers, the affordably priced mattress is GREENGUARD™ Gold certified and features a soft, modern “baby owlet” cover.

The power of breathe-flex lies within its multi-layer Flex-PE™ foam, a breakthrough material with micro-channels designed to optimize airflow. Unlike traditional crib mattresses, breathe-flex’s innovative coil design enhances its overall breathability, while also providing firm support for baby’s proper growth and development. The durable breathe-flex cover is made with food-grade waterproof backing that prevents moisture and unwanted matter from penetrating the mattress.

“Colgate’s hallmark has always been its commitment to safety, quality and family, so when Moms asked for an affordable alternative to existing ‘breathable’ crib mattresses– we listened,” said Dennis Schuetz, director of marketing, Colgate Mattresses. “The result is a unique, thoughtfully designed product that truly meets the needs of both baby and Mom.”

Signature features of breathe-flex™ include:

Breathable support — Innovative Flex-PE foam micro-channels improve airflow by acting as filter and providing more open spaces for air to circulate

Optimal comfort — As baby moves, coils flex to create an internal micro-climate that provides optimal comfort for baby

Waterproof layer — Durable cotton/poly cover protects the life of the mattress, keeping the inside of the mattress clean while also providing a soft surface for baby’s sensitive skin

Safe and toxin-free — breathe-flex earned the coveted GREENGUARD Gold certification and is C.P.S.I.A. compliant to ensure there are no harmful chemicals. It passes Federal Flammability Standard 16CFR-1632 and 16CFR-1633

Lightweight Construction — Weighing fewer than 10 lbs, breathe-flex mattress’ light weight makes lifting and changing sheets easy

Best Value —10 year warranty; Suggested retail price, $199.99

“Colgate’s breathe-flex allows us to market a premium quality mattress at an affordable price,” Schuetz added. “The response has been extremely positive thus far, both in- store and online. Beyond safety and quality, the fresh modern cover design appeals to today’s stylish, new and expectant Moms. The new breathe-flex is a win-win for everyone.”