Colgate Mattress on the Better Show!

Recently, Colgate Mattress was featured on the Better Show in New York City. We were joined by Child Safety Expert, Sandra Gordon, author of Consumer Reports: Best Baby Products. Discussing how to furnish a baby nursery on a budget, Gordon gave expert tips about swaddlers, changing pads, artwork, and bedding.

The one thing to splurge on in your nursery? Your crib mattress.

According to Gordon, “It’s a really overlooked item, and people tend to buy the least expensive option out there. But, you really want to buy a high-quality mattress because your baby will spend up to 18 hours sleeping on it.”

She goes on to mention Colgate’s EverTrue Diamond: our revolutionary dual-firmness mattress that focuses on the baby’s microclimate inside the crib. With the EverTrue Diamomd, your baby’s temperature will be stable, and they’ll have a restful, safe sleep on our extra firm foam.

Watch Colgate’s television debut here. Part 2 of the segment can be watched here.

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