Cupid and the Colgate Crib Mattress

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us which means that diaper-clad flying baby, Cupid, will soon be shooting arrows at unsuspecting lovebirds everywhere. Where does that baby get all that energy? We’re going to let you in on a little secret. He sleeps on a firm Colgate Innerspring Crib Mattress. How else can you possibly explain his unflappable cheery disposition and boundless energy?

As Cupid would tell you, when it comes to love, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. That’s also true when it comes to crib mattresses. Our innerspring mattresses are the best on the market because we build them from the inside out. Many parents prefer the innerspring design because it’s what they sleep on. In fact, a leading consumer magazine ranked crib mattresses and 4 of their top 5 reviewed were innerspring.

Why an Innerspring Crib Mattress?

  • The fabric support layers lie directly on top of the springs and prevent the cushioning layers from sinking into the coils and creating an uneven sleeping surface.
  • The majority of the innerspring mattresses Colgate makes use coir fiber pads made from coconut husks that provide the highest quality insulation and support.
  • We use cushioning layers of cotton and foam to create a soft, yet supportive, platform for baby to sleep on.
  • Our covers come in a choice of cloth or vinyl. The more layers there are in a vinyl cover, the better. Most of our crib mattresses either have multilayers of vinyl or cloth covers that have a waterproofing layer.

Our Commitment

Our mattresses are made with your baby’s comfort and safety in mind. Our family has lovingly made quality crib mattresses in the USA for 60 years.