ECO-Friendly: Organic, Natural, or Green

Eco-friendly: Organic, Natural, or Green

  Over the past several years, there has been an increasing consumer trend for products that are environmentally friendly.  As a result, many companies are developing eco-friendly products.  The crib mattress industry is no exception.   Colgate Mattress Atlanta Corporation has been using natural products (coconut fiber and cotton) in our crib mattresses long before it became a trend.  As technology improves, we continue to incorporate more eco-friendly products into our mattresses.  Our philosophy is simple: It’s what’s on the inside that counts.   Unfortunately, there are no industry-wide standards regarding the use of the terms “organic,” “natural,” and “green” that apply consistently across non-food related consumer products.  Because of this lack of standards, it is up to the company to determine if their product is “organic,” “natural,” or “green”.   At Colgate we choose to label all of our natural products as “Environmentally Friendlier.” We want to be transparent with our customers and put a mommy’s mind at ease with our honesty about eco-friendly products; we choose how we label our mattresses cautiously.     Additionally, all of Colgate’s products are GREENGUARD Certified and all of our foam mattresses are CertiPUR Certified. GREENGUARD Certified products must meet stringent chemical emission requirements. The CertiPUR-US® program is a voluntary testing, analysis and certification program for flexible polyurethane foam.  We use this third-party certification to ensure that our products address the unique sensitivities of children.   Colgate uses only the highest quality materials in our mattresses. At Colgate, we want you to rest easy by knowing what is inside your baby’s mattress. Make sure the crib mattress company you choose is transparent with what is inside their mattress. If you ever any questions concerning your crib mattress or which crib mattress to choose, please do not hesistate to directly call us at 404-681-2121 or research our website.

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