Flame retardant Chemicals in Crib Mattresses

Recently there have been some news reports (television, newspaper, internet blogs) regarding the use of certain flame retardant chemicals in baby and children’s products. These chemical agents have been used as a flame retardant in foam. Some of the chemical agents mentioned in these news articles are chlorinated Tris, Penta-BDE (aka PBDE) and TCEP. These agents have been suspected of causing cancer.

We at Colgate Mattress Atlanta want to assure you, our customers, that we have never used any of these chemical agents in the manufacture of our crib mattresses.

When the State of California passed TB603, which required mattresses of all types to pass an “open flame” test, Colgate Mattress Atlanta complied with this regulation by adding a barrier fabric (rayon) to our polyurethane foam mattresses.We did not use FR (fire retardant) agents to comply with this regulation.

In 2007 when the Federal Flammability standard (16CFR 1633) was enacted, which was an even more stringent “open flame” standard than California’s TB603, we had to change nothing. Our fire barrier easily passed the new and tougher standard.

We produce our mattresses in the United States and use independent third party testing labs to ensure health and safety. Further, all of our products are Greenguard Certified for children and schools, and we use Certi-pur certified foam.

Colgate Mattress Atlanta is a family owned business. Our founder, Solomon Wolkin, put his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren on the same mattresses that we produce for you, our customers. Our products are made with premium quality materials by dedicated employees. Your baby’s health and safety is our priority.

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