Fun and Creative Baby Announcement Ideas

You’ve read the test results, been to the doctor and you are definitely pregnant. The next step is to tell the world you are expecting with an adorable baby announcement. If you are far enough along and can’t wait out the 40 weeks until your bundle of joy arrives, you may also want to get creative revealing the gender. The easy thing to do would be to pick up the phone, send a text or a mass email but nah – that’s no fun!

Check out these adorable and unique ways to share the exciting baby news with your family and friends.

By Cake

Gather up your closest friends to indulge in a sweet treat. As you cut into the delicious cake, will the M&M’s that spill out be pink or blue!!??

Boy baby cake reveal

By Pet

Your pet may always be considered your “first baby” as a couple. Why not include him in spreading the wonderful news that you are pregnant with an actual human!
dog announcing baby arrival


By Balloon

It’s a big box filled with balloons – but what color will they be? Open the top to release them into the sky while revealing to your family the gender of your baby.

pink balloon gender reveal

With Chalk

This is the easiest math in the world. This baby announcement will let everyone quickly know that you are adding to your family.

family announces baby on board

By Paint

It doesn’t get much more fun that this! Fill a bunch of squirt guns with pink or blue paint. Then 1-2-3 Shoot!

happy couple having a baby boy

With Humor

You’re going to be a Dad! Those football filled weekends and poker nights are coming to a quick halt. Try adding a little humor to announcing your new reality.

guy faints at pregnancy test

Check out more creative ways to announce your pregnancy on our Pinterest Baby Announcement board. Congratulations and Have Fun!

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