Breathable Crib Mattresses

One of the latest innovations in crib mattress design involves breathability or the ability to enhance airflow. A well-designed, breathable crib mattress creates an internal microclimate that can both cool or warm baby, depending on the environment, thanks to internal air circulation. If the nursery is cool, a truly breathable crib mattress allows baby’s natural body heat to warm the air inside the mattress and as it circulates inside the mattress, it warms baby. If the room is warm, the heat from baby’s body goes inside the mattress and dissipates to help cool baby.

Some manufacturers call their crib mattresses breathable even though it’s only the cover that’s truly breathable. The most breathable crib mattresses are those that allow air to freely circulate inside the mattress as well as allow outside air to pass into the mattress. Most foam crib mattresses have only a very small degree of breathability, but Colgate uses high quality, open cell foam and PE foam engineered with air channels to enhance circulation. All innerspring crib mattresses have a degree of breathability due to the natural space between coils.

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