Dream Safe – Our Campaign to Promote Safe Sleep Practices

As parents, we will do anything to protect and bring comfort to our new bundle of joy. We buy the latest car seats and strollers, invest in state-of-the-art monitors and even download special mobile apps. We purchase organic products and give extra care and attention to the food they eat – whatever it takes to keep baby healthy, happy and safe.

The threat of losing a baby unexpectedly is a harsh reality that can keep every parent awake at night. And unfortunately, more than 2,000 babies in the US die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) each year. That’s why Colgate created DREAM SAFE. Through practical tips and expert advice, our goal is to educate and encourage caregivers to adopt lifesaving safe sleep practices. Together, we can save thousands of lives and ensure both you and baby, enjoy sweet dreams.