Introducing the Best Crib Mattress for Baby


When it comes to picking a safe, comfortable place for your baby to sleep, a crib mattress is the most important decision you’ll make. Why? Because a crib mattress is more than simply a sleep surface. It’s a growth and development center. Your baby will be spending 70% of his or her time sleeping during that first year.

Who better to trust your family to than Colgate Mattress®, a third generation, family-owned and operated company. For over 65 years, we have provided babies with the most restful and safest night’s sleep.

Handcrafted with the finest materials to give parents peace of mind, Colgate’s crib mattresses are designed to enhance your baby’s growth and development. The safest crib mattresses made right here in the USA, you can trust your baby will sleep both safely and soundly on an eco-friendlier surface.

Colgate Mattress® offers a wide array of crib mattresses. Beyond being safe and eco-friendly, the main reason you’ll love our CuddleSnooze™ mattresses is because they grow with your baby.

One side features a firmer surface, perfect for your newborn baby. Babies do a lot of growing while sleeping, and the firm surface helps to maximize their development. Additionally, they need a firm spot as they learn to push up, roll over, and eventually stand.

Once they’re a moving and grooving toddler, you can flip the mattress over to give them a little more cushion. This will ensure they feel comfortable at night, giving you both a better chance at getting a full night’s sleep.

The CuddleSnooze™ Hybrid Superior

Image of CuddleSnooze™ Hybrid Superior Crib MattressThe Hybrid Superior crib mattress features the highest quality components available for baby. A breathable, dual-firmness hybrid mattress, the CuddleSnooze™ Hybrid Superior is designed to gently lull baby into a cozy, sound and restful sleep throughout the infant and toddler years.

The infant side features a firm, high-density EcoFoam™ with KulKote Copper® for microbial control, temperature regulation and recommended support.
The toddler side features a foam panel and durable microcoils for added pressure relief and breathability.
In keeping safety first, the CuddleSnooze™ Hybrid Superior is handcrafted with a breathable honeycomb mesh spacer to promote airflow and an anti-flammability barrier made with chemical-free cloth.
All this is wrapped in a velvety organic cotton cover with waterproof-backing on top and bottom to ensure the mattress stays dry and non-waterproofed sides for optimal breathability and air circulation.

Like all Colgate mattresses, the CuddleSnooze™ Hybrid Superior is GREENGUARD® Gold certified, CertiPUR-US® certified, CPSIA compliant, and compliant with all federal and state flammability requirements – without the use of fire retardant chemicals.

Benefits of all the CuddleSnooze™ Crib Mattress Options

No matter which versatile CuddleSnooze™ crib mattress you choose, each of the options offer some important benefits that you and your baby will love. First and foremost, every Colgate mattress fits all standard cribs. That takes the guesswork out of sizing.

Additionally, each mattress is waterproof for easy cleaning – a benefit that every parent can appreciate. When you factor in that these mattresses are breathable and eco-friendly, you can’t go wrong picking CuddleSnooze™ for your baby.

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