Mommy Katie’s Review of EcoCover Crib Mattress Cover

Mommy Katie has a nice review up of our crib mattress pad on her preparing for baby guide:

With my son, I learned that diapers do not always last as long as you might intend them to. I hated getting him from his crib to find that he soaked through his diaper and got his sheets and bedding completely wet, not to mention that he would be soaking wet too. My daughter was not the same, it was rare that she would leak out of her diapers, so when my son became notorious for leaky messes I learned that having a pad cover on the mattress was essential. That being said, this time around I will be prepared. Recently I was sent the perfect mattress pad that is exactly what we will be needing for the new baby! I was sent a Organic Cotton EcoCover Crib Mattress Cover from Colgate Kids! I love that this is a organic mattress cover which is great for using for a new baby.

For the full review, please click here:

She is also having a giveaway of the mattress pad.

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