FAQs | Answers from Colgate Mattress

After more than a half-century in the crib mattress industry, we have received almost every question imaginable from parents. Below we have assembled some of the most frequently asked questions about crib mattress safety from parents just like you.
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Is the crib mattress actually that important?

Do all crib mattresses come in the same size? How should the mattress fit in the crib?

How can you tell a good quality foam mattress from a bad one?

How can you tell a good quality innerspring mattress from a bad one?

What are the different layers in an innerspring crib mattress, and which are considered better?

Do you use Chlorinated Tris (TDCPP), PBDEs, Mercury, Lead, TCEP, Heavy Metals, or Formaldehyde as a flame retardant?

Why not just buy a crib mattress from one of the “big name” adult mattress brands?

Does Colgate make custom sized mattresses and pads?

I saw a Colgate mattress in a store, but the mattress is not listed on the Colgate website. Why?

Can I buy a Colgate product directly from you?

Why doesn’t my local dealer carry all of the products I see on the website?

What is the difference between a “California” mattress and a regular mattress?

Do you recommend mattress pad covers for your mattresses? Why use a mattress pad cover if the vinyl covers on the mattresses are wetproof?

Are there chemicals in the mattress or mattress cover that could harm my baby?

Why are crib mattresses so hard? Will it be uncomfortable for my baby?

Why do my sheets not fit on the Colgate mattress?

What are some additional resources for more information?

What do I do when I am done with your crib mattress?

Is free shipping really free?

How do I clean my crib mattress?