It should come as no surprise that we think Colgate makes the world’s best crib mattresses. After all, this is what our family has done for over 60 years. But don’t just take our word for it. We have pulled some of our favorite reviews and testimonials and posted them here. Many are from consumers just like you and you will also notice comments from working professionals who are exceptionally qualified to talk about healthy growth and development in kids. These are their own words and not one of them was paid for their opinion. That’s not our style. We are here to help so contact us if you have questions that you can’t find an answer to.

“Many parents don’t fully grasp the importance of creating an environment at home that promotes healthy development in their children.  Sleep is one example.  As a Developmental Pediatrician, I encourage my parents to buy a high-quality, firm crib mattress, not only to foster a good night’s sleep, but to provide a stable base of support for their children when they are standing and actively moving around in their cribs.”– Sonia V. George, M.D. Woodlawn Developmental Pediatrics WoodlawnDevelopmentalPediatrics.com

“I always tell my expectant parents that before their baby arrives they need to buy two very important things: First, a high-quality car seat and secondly, a high-quality crib mattress, preferably a Colgate. I can’t stress enough how vital it is to a child’s development to sleep on a firm, supportive mattress. That’s where the child will be spending most of their time as an infant and toddler anyway.”   – Dr Stephen Blank OB/GYN

“While a child’s sleep offers a tired parent a needed break, a restful one is the fuel that recharges your little one’s mind and body.  With 69 percent of children experiencing one or more sleep problems during a week, it becomes vital to create an environment that ensures that your child can rest comfortably during this time. Sleep is no less important than food, drink, or safety in the lives of children and will help them to develop and function in a healthy and happy way.” – Edward Brandman Ph.D Child Psychologist

Prior to purchasing the Nuzzle Snuze, I “feel-tested” several different mattresses. I feel very confident that the Colgate Nuzzle Snuze mattress is the best product for the best value. –Pregnancy Magazine