Reducing Colgate’s Environmental Footprint for Crib Mattresses

We are in the baby business, which means we are in the business of protecting future generations. At Colgate we take the role of protecting our environment for future generations very serious. Colgate strives to reduce its environmental load and wants to share with you what Colgate is doing to protect the environment for future generations.


  1. Reducing use of paper and wood based goods: Colgate has been able to reduce its waste by 33% by using our internal recycling and recovery program, re-using pallets, returning wood and containers back to their original suppliers, changing our labeling procedures so that they require less materials, and emailing invoices instead of mailing paper invoices.
  2. Reducing Fuel Consumption: Colgate ships most of its mattresses to stores and customers by using commercial trucks. We are reducing the amount of fuel consumed in the shipping of our products by using more full trailers, using more efficient loading procedures, and receiving as many full trailer loads of raw materials as possible.
  3. Increasing our use of environmentally friendly raw materials: Colgate has increased its use of organic and natural materials, recycled paper, and a natural progression of changing lights to more efficient bulbs. Check out our progressive line of environmentally friendly crib mattresses. Colgate has also begun the process of researching into the future use of solar panels.

Colgate takes our commitment to the environment very serious. Colgate is also in the beginning phases of implementing a zero waste policy and other programs. Thanks for reading!

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