The Truth About Organic

Over the past decade both consumers and manufacturers have reevaluated their carbon footprint and the impact they’re having on the environment. Never before have there been so many green products, which we believe is a wonderful thing. We do however, take exception when companies intentionally mislead consumers and capitalize off of the general public’s desire to be environmentally responsible and market products that aren’t truly Green.

Currently there is no industry-wide standard for qualifying a crib mattress as being natural or organic. At Colgate we hold ourselves to a higher standard than our industry. We believe that any mattress that claims to be natural, green, organic or eco-friendly should have a greater percentage of green components than traditional components. Last we checked, there’s no such thing as biodegradable metal innersprings. We choose to call our natural products “Eco-Friendlier” in order to be transparent with our customers. Make sure that the crib mattress company you choose is giving you verifiable facts versus simply upselling you on a more expensive model.

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