Spring into Green

With Spring and St. Patrick’s Day approaching, a lot of folks are getting ready for “the wearing of the green.” At the same time, more and more people are “going green,” and demonstrating an awareness of how environmental issues affect them and their children. More and more parents are now choosing organic products wherever they can, including the crib mattress their child sleeps on.

Who is the Greenest in all the Land?

Whether you call them natural, organic, green or eco-friendly, the same golden rule applies to all our mattresses: the firmer the better. Separating a quality, well-crafted organic crib mattress from the others is easy. Just remember that the higher the percentage of natural or organic products, the better the crib mattress. All of Colgate’s Organic crib mattress line meets the most rigorous GREENGUARD Gold standard, which is determined by the use of materials that don’t off-gas or use harmful chemicals. These include all-natural, organic materials, such as plant oil based foams and certified organic cottons.

However, some of our mattresses are still made with metal innersprings, which we all know are not organic, but provide a high-quality sleep area for your child. Therefore we prefer to call our mattresses “Environmentally Friendlier” in order to be completely transparent with our customers.

Coconut Husk? Why Yes!

The most important organic material used in the construction of Colgate’s organic line, is the renewable and durable Coir fiber, extracted from the husk of coconuts, between the shell and the outer skin. Coir is a strong and nearly waterproof fiber, valued for centuries in the construction of ropes and lines for sailing ships, as it is one of the few natural fibers which has been shown to resist damage by sea water.

Colgate Mattress’ Organic line has many different models to choose from, the flagship green product being the Natural I, a 5” thick crib mattress with 100% natural components. Any parent who is looking for a safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly crib mattress needs look no further than Colgate.

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