The Pros of White Noise for Baby

Photo Credit: Baby Dream Machine

Babies are already used to white noise – afterall, the womb can be a noisy place with the reassuring echo of human life. Every day breathing and the beating of your heart, create a comforting sound somewhat akin to the hum of a vacuum.

After arrival, babies often find themselves in a world of hushing and quiet footsteps. All with good intentions, this curated silence can leave them feeling isolated, possibly anxious and inturn can lead to trouble sleeping.

Soothing background sounds help some babies get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Here’s what to know about white noise for your baby.

Is white noise okay for babies?

White noise machines create a comfortable, womb-like environment that calms infants. They are meant to be in the background, making it safe for babies from a health perspective. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends using a white noise machine set no louder than 50 decibels (about the sound level of a quiet dishwasher), so use a low volume setting and use a timer to stop playing it once your baby falls asleep. Follow common sense and your instincts – don’t put the noise machine or its cords within your baby’s reach. 

Should I worry about using a white noise machine? 

Some babies don’t like the sound of white noise, so you may have to rely on other ways to get your little one down. Others like it so much that they become dependent and may struggle with sound sleep without white noise in the background.

Buying and using a white noise machine

For safe sleep you do not want to buy anything with sound levels above 50 decibels, so before purchasing a white noise machine be sure you do your homework to ensure your little one’s safety.

White-noise machines are available online. But if you’re on a budget, you can produce white noise by running a fan. You also can pick up a low-cost, white noise-generating app such as White Noise Baby for your smartphone – also a perfect on-the-go option.

Once you’ve purchased your machine, you may have to adjust the volume on your white noise machine in order for it to effectively calm down your crying baby. After your little one has been soothed, adjust the volume to the level of a soft shower.

White noise sounds can be incredibly helpful during the difficult stages of your baby’s life, especially in the first few sleep-challenged months. Still, you don’t want to get into the habit of exposing your child to white noise all night, every night.

Final thoughts 

Babies aren’t born into sound sleep, it’s a skill they develop. A 24/7 white noise machine could get in the way of your baby learning to self-soothe. However, white noise can be a useful tool to help newborns and babies get the quality sleep they need.

5 Calming Nursery Colors That Soothe Baby

What color should I put in the nursery? Will it be too bright or bold? When preparing your new baby’s nursery, one of the big decisions to make is the paint color. Instead of picking traditional pink or blue, more parents are looking for colors that add a splash of style and serenity to baby’s room.

With a little color insight and a can of paint, you can easily transform a bland nursery into a soothing sleep sanctuary. Try one of these five calming nursery colors and let a state of Zen wash over you and your baby.

Soft Greens

Green provides us with an instinctual sense of security that baby will grow and thrive in its presence. Associated with health, healing and well-being, green reduces anxiety. Bonus: Research shows that exposure to the color green may increase concentration and reading ability!

Surround your baby with the nurturing power of mother nature by choosing a light or medium green color such as sage or moss. Blue greens, like mint or seafoam, are also an excellent choice and promote peace and health.

Pale Purples

Associated with wisdom and spirituality, purple combines the calming properties of blue with the nurturing femininity of pink. Lighter shades like lavender and lilac provide the soothing strength of purple without the visual overstimulation that can come from richer options.

Since purple often appears darker than expected, interior painting experts suggest going one shade lighter than the one you’ve got your eye on. Here are 10 purple nursery shades to consider.

Earthy Neutrals

Neutral shades can be great for creating a warm, grounding atmosphere. Gentle, earthy neutrals like light beige, light tan and taupe will ensure your little one feels safe and cozy. Neutrals are easy on baby’s developing eyes, so these shades also help your little dreamer to wind down and sleep.

Complete the earthy theme with nature-inspired nursery essentials. A neutral tone works especially well if you are planning to have more children.

Creamy Whites

To create a soothing, white haven that will instil feelings of serenity and peace, avoid blue whites. Instead, choose creamier shades like soft ivory, vanilla and antique white. Think shabby chic! Add warmth and variation by incorporating rustic, earthy textures like wicker and wood.

Light Grays

As a reflective, calming hue, gray is an excellent backdrop that promotes thought and emotion. It’s a calming color, but be sure to keep things looking cheery by avoiding dark and stormy grays and instead select a light, blue-gray. To add softness, pair with crisp white trim and pretty pastel accents.

A Few More Tips!

Many people choose a paint color based on the colors that are prevalent in the bedding or accessories they have chosen. Whether you select a paint color based on a themed room or decide to keep it simple, select colors that you like too. You will be spending a lot of time here!

Having a hard time deciding on a color? suggests that you visit online paint and hardware stores that offer interactive programs allowing you to upload a photo of your nursery to select different paint colors on the virtual walls.

Choosing the perfect color scheme for a soothing room can be an exciting experience! Relax and enjoy this time in your life and most importantly, have some fun with it.

Zen Mom #Goals

Christy Carlson Romano Yoga Zen Mom Goals

Have you ever thought, wow – that mom is #goals. She’s got it all together. She looks cool, calm and dare we say … collected. Goals carry a little more weight when you’re a parent. Instead of making them just for ourselves, moms often make promises of parental betterment. But, when we don’t follow through on them, it stings doubly. Because #momguilt.

If you’re striving to add a little more tranquility into your daily routine, be sure those goals are realistic. We teamed up with Christy Carlson Romano, an undeniably busy mom with her 2nd baby on the way, to give you five ways moms can get that zen glow with ease in 2019.

Create a Sanctuary

Find a place in or around your home that makes you feel calm. It could be a spare room, the home office, a spot in the backyard or even your car. Keep it stocked with your personal essentials – snacks you love, a few great books, a cozy throw, your favorite scented candle – whatever makes you feel at ease. Now, the next time you do manage to get a few minutes to yourself, your peaceful place is just waiting for you to enter.

Find Your Tribe

Finding someone you can rely on and trust with your baby is a must. Find a couple of those people and you’re even better positioned to add more zen. This could be your mom, your best friend, an in-law, another parent from your neighborhood – someone you can call when you’re really needing a few hours to reconnect with yourself. If it’s another parent, set up a weekly play-date and switch off every week so you both get some time for yourselves. For you, it provides a much needed respite, and for baby, it’s helpful to socialize with other children their age for more balance.


We’ve all been there. You’ve got 99 more things left on the ole to-do list that you were hoping to get done that day. But since that’s not going to happen anyway, blow it off and do something you actually enjoy instead. If exercise is your thing, go to the gym or take a yoga class. If you’ve been dreaming about that new dress you saw in the storefront last month, go buy it. If your back feels like elephants have been trampling on it, get a massage. And here the most important part – don’t let yourself fall into the #momguilt zone! Everyone needs a break, and by golly mom – you deserve one. So take it and embrace it. The to-do list will always have something on it, but don’t let it control your mind and make you feel defeated. Make room for a little down time, and in the end, you’ll be in a better mood when you do get to the list.

Pencil it In

You’re busy? Like always? We know the feelings. If you haven’t found a time to treat yo’self yet, pencil in time to relax in the coming days. Set aside an hour or two for yourself every few days and let everyone know ahead of time you won’t be around. Tell your baby daddy you’re getting your hair done on Tuesday or going to see a movie with a friend on Saturday. Arrange for your baby to be with your significant other or with your ‘person’ during that time. If you plan ahead, you’re more likely to follow through and get your ‘me’ time. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to during the week!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

What’s that book say, it’s all small stuff? That may not be completely true, but we do know that some parents can get wrapped up in micromanaging their children and their every move with worry. Delegate some of that stress to the Universe.  Stress is what causes us to lose our cool so the less we have to stress about, the more zen we’ll become.

You Got This

Moms, this year let’s resolve to make goals that are actually attainable. After all, peace and happiness is what we’re after, not perfection, right?

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