The Crib Mattress That Started a Revolution: The Nuzzle Snuze

A high-quality crib mattress is essential for your baby’s health and proper development. But let’s be honest: a mattress isn’t exactly  the most visually-appealing nursery accessory. But Colgate wants to know: why do safety and style have to be mutually exclusive?

While the EverTrue Diamond is Colgate’s latest addition to the “Total Safe Sleep System” line of mattresses, the innovative Nuzzle Snuze was the mattress line that began it all. The Nuzzle Snuze has revolutionary safety, comfort, and health features — not to mention fantastic designs.

Did you miss the unveiling of this line back in February 2014? No worries! Here are some things to know about the crib mattress that brings you safety and style.

  • The Nuzzle Snuze is the industry’s first designer line of recycled and recyclable crib mattresses that provides the most natural microclimate for babies and toddlers.
  • The main component is the proprietary, nature-inspired NaturesNest technology: a spun matrix of totally recyclable, synthetic fibers that allows air to flow freely through the mattress. This provides the most perfect microclimate for sleep and comfort.
  • NaturesNest was launched exclusively in the United States by Colgate Mattress.
  • The Nuzzle Snuze is presented with a modern, proprietary designer style—covered with patterns in muted, fashion forward colors (not visible through sheets!).
  • Nuzzle Snuze is offered in three different designs—the Chick-a-Dee, Squiggles, and Dottie Lottie.
  • With a soft, old t-shirt feel, Colgate guarantees that soft cloth is closest to your baby.

Our Director of Sales, Dennis Wolkin, said it best: “A mattress is one of the three most essential things for the healthy growth and development of a baby and toddler. But let’s face it, they look like white rectangles and are not as attractive or appealing as many baby items. We have changed this.”

The Colgate Nuzzle Snuze is available in specialty stores around the country, and online.

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