The Perfect Holiday Gift: The EverTrue Diamond

You may have seen our newest mattress, the EverTrue Diamond, part of our EverTrue mattress line, in a few holiday gift guides this year. We’d love to tell you more about it, and why it’s the perfect holiday gift for expecting, new or tenured moms!

First, let’s explore why a quality crib mattress is vital for the health of your baby. In a previous post, we explained that a quality, firm mattress not only helps baby sleep longer and deeper, but also supports brain and bone development. Safe sleeping practices, proper environmental condition,s and a quality mattress can all help to prevent deadly sleep disorders like SIDS.

Therefore, the gift of safety is priceless this holiday season!

So, what is the EverTrue Diamond?

The EverTrue Diamond (ETD) is our latest addition to Colgate’s “total safe sleep system” mattresses. This mattress consists of three exclusive components that ensure enhanced airflow and improved oxygenation for the baby:

  • Celliant waterproof fabric cover: This cover is a homeopathic, FDA-pending fabric that is proven to increase oxygenation.  It is currently used in hospitals and in athletics to improve muscle rejuvenation and blood circulation – important aspects to regulate body temperature and improve sleep quality.
  • Diamond-channel Cool Gel: This memory foam directs air along gel ‘grooves’ as the baby moves.  This constant movement of fresh air prevents air stagnation and creates an ideal microclimate.
  • SecureCore™ : This is a proprietary, breathable honeycomb mesh spacer that is engineered for enhanced air circulation. SecureCore allows air to freely circulate at the core of the mattress.


Here at Colgate, we have a long and renowned history of leading the industry in innovative products to enhance sleep and safety. We truly believe that our EverTrue Diamond is the Cadillac of safe crib mattresses! It’s the only product in the EverTrue line offering the Celliant cover and Diamond-channel Cool Gel and retails for $349.98. (Shop The EverTrue Collection Here)

This revolutionary mattress certainly makes the best gift a baby (or mom) could ask for! However, if your holiday budget is a bit lower, rest assured that any and all of the mattresses in the Colgate family are handcrafted with the highest quality and safest materials around! Check them out at

Happy Holidays!