The Special Custom Size Flat Pads

Being craftspeople, some of our favorite items to make are the special size pads. Colgate gets numerous calls and emails on a daily basis concerning special size pads and mattresses.

These special pieces of furniture, usually made by a loving grandparent, friend, or daddy are a special way of adding true uniqueness to a nursery. Colgate is proud to partner with our retail outlets to complete these lovingly made pieces of furniture.

That said, a few months ago, a grandfather placed an order for the most unique piece of furniture Colgate had ever seen. A crib shaped as a crescent moon. Though we are not sure where the sheets came from for this crib, but we do know that the special pad helped completed this unbelievable piece of furniture.

If you are a carpenter or just someone who has a woodworking hobby or studio and you make the special crib, Colgate can make that special pad to complete the nursery room. Our entire special pad sizes are made with our stay fresh 5-ply white rose covers, certipur certified foam, Strong binding to ensure the safe sleep environment, and is Green guard Certified. Simply put, we make the best special size pads for your baby.