What Has Colgate Mattress Brought To The Crib Mattress Industry?

It all started over half a century ago with nothing more than a $1,500 loan and Sol and Anne Wolkin’s drive to follow their passion. Today, we are so proud to stand behind some of the top innovations and trends that we have pioneered in the crib mattress industry!

The reunion of Anne and Sol, after writing letters to each other during his service in the Air Force, was a sweet one. On that day they decided they couldn’t spend another day apart. So they married, and never had to separate again. At the time, Sol was working diligently at a coat-making company, but had a burning desire to run his own business.

Hello, Colgate Mattress! Sol’s best friend’s father had opened the original Colgate Mattress factory, located on Colgate Street, in New York. The families decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship with Sol and Ben, the founder’s son, opening their own Colgate Mattress Atlanta Corp. to manufacture crib mattresses. Growing from their first factory of 4,000 square feet, Colgate currently resides in a 60,000 square foot manufacturing and office plant in historic Cabbagetown, Georgia, an eclectic, quaint neighborhood in Atlanta.

Anne, Sol and Ben founded Colgate Mattress on the values of integrity, loyalty and honesty. These core principals have been passed through the generations to today’s family members and managers of Colgate Mattresses.

With a strong heritage and history in the crib mattress making business, Colgate has also been a pioneer in many of the new developments in the industry. Many of the components and features that we take for granted today, were designed and introduced by the Wolkin family.

Here are a few of the many trends, products, styles and features that Colgate has pioneered over the past 50 years!

 We were the first to…

1. Make all-foam crib mattresses.

2. Use coir fiber as an insulator, which prevents the softer cushioning layers from sinking into the coils in an innerspring mattress. Coir is   the highest quality insulator available. It is made from coconut-husks and, although expensive, is the most natural insulator on the   market. Colgate Mattress was green before anyone knew what green was!

3. Use natural cotton batting as a cushioning layer, more specifically a top cushioning layer- not as a bottom cushioning like most other brands!

4. Offer dual firmness in a crib mattress.

5. Use the “hot” and popular viscoelastic memory foam in a crib mattress.

6. Use 5-ply vinyl crib mattress cover- Triple laminated and quilted.

7. Use wet-proof cloth covers on crib mattresses- Elegant and essential.

8. Develop a durability tester you can trust.

Today, Colgate Mattress is still known for their integrity and production of the highest quality, most durable mattresses. Their heritage, combined with their innovation and dedication to producing the most protective mattresses for babies and infants is admired throughout the industry. They would never sell a mattress that they wouldn’t be proud and secure to put their own babies on.

Much money is to be made on the manufacturing of adult mattresses. However, Colgate Mattress believes that a company should focus on its core competency. To this point, Colgate Mattress only makes baby and infant mattresses and accessories – ensuring that the crib mattress specialists remain that way.

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