What is the big deal about crib mattresses?

The crib mattress is more important to your baby than your mattress is to you. Remember the terrible mattress you slept on that night at the hotel, or maybe it was a friend’s house? Maybe it was a few nights. How did your back feel?

Now, think of baby sleeping on a mattress up to 70% of the time for the next few years and not able to tell you their mattress is terrible. Also, babies need more support than adults because a baby’s bones are softer and growing faster than at any other time of their life. They will grow to more than 50% of their adult size while sleeping on their mattress. That’s the big deal about crib mattresses.

There is a lot of incorrect information out there about crib mattresses, some even generated by other manufacturers trying to convince you to buy their mattresses. At Colgate, we believe that if you have correct information about what is important in a crib mattress, and if you can recognize quality in a crib mattress then, you will prefer a Colgate mattress.

While you learn about and shop for a crib mattress keep this in mind – the three most important features of any type of crib mattress, in order of most important feature first are: support (the greater the firmness, the better), comfort (this means cushioning without taking away from firmness), and convenience (and preference for the parents).

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