What Moms Really Need for Valentine’s Day

mom valentine gift


When you have a baby, Valentine’s Day often turns into a completely different holiday. You used to celebrate by getting dressed up, going out to a nice dinner and laughing over a bottle of wine. Sometimes, you’d even get surprise flowers. 

Now, with a new, cooing family member, life has changed and the way you celebrate should too. A fancy dinner out just isn’t as easy to arrange anymore, plus babysitters are expensive and scarce on Valentine’s Day. 

So why not use this holiday as the perfect excuse to treat you to some self-love? Take some time to step away from work, cleaning, and cooking. Tend to your health – both mental and physical. Do something that truly feeds your soul, because you deserve it.

Here are a few self-care ideas to help you make the most of your self-love day:

Journal for 20 minutes. Write in a free-flowing stream-of-consciousness style. Notice feelings that are just under the surface.

Put on your favorite playlist and have a dance party. Or a crying session. Whichever works best for you at that moment.

Take time to intentionally fill your cup. Read your devotional uninterrupted, call someone you love or make yourself a nice drink like chamomile tea or hot chocolate and sip it slowly.

Schedule at least one uninterrupted hour with a close friend. Go out for coffee or a drink, go out for dinner or go for a walk together.

Make a cozy spot. Create a space or corner in your home just for you and fill it with your favorite things.

Do a short meditation. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, focus on your breath, and say, “All sounds return to the breath, all thoughts return to the breath, all distractions return to the breath.”

Do something you’re going to savor. Taking a shower, doing your nails, walking, or reading a celebrity magazine. “Savor” it instead of just “doing” it.

Delegate two things that you hate doing. Hire a professional cleaner, send off the laundry or order a nice dinner in.

Go somewhere local that you’ve never been before. Explore a new forest preserve, a new park, a new beach, a different library or a conservatory.

Go on a social media kindness spree. Use 20 minutes to post nice comments on people’s social media or through messenger.

Do a social media cleanse. Unfollow those who don’t inspire you or who bring you down.

Buy your favorite flowers. Put them all over the house in vases or pitchers and pause long enough to enjoy them all week.